March Recap/April Goals - And I Think Hubs is Making Me Fat!!

Sunday, April 01, 2012

That's it. I know what's happening now. HUBS is making me fat! You heard me right. I'm doing great and then he's all like, "We're going to Wendy's" and "Let's get Chinese!" Bastard!

April Fools!


Those situations did happen, but...
1) I had the power to say no.
2) They were suggestions, and requests, not demands.
3) I have the choice, if I go to be "as good as possible"...and I have been.

I had a baked potato and small chili with some red. fat sour cream

Movies last night:
I caved and ate some popcorn. But very little. And a few Snowcaps, but I tried to stick to my Twizzlers.

I piled my plate with the safest thing possible (and, yes, I know how not "safe" this is simply because it's a Chinese buffet) - broccoli. I had a few pieces of the things I like but I know are simply horrid for me and the rest of what I ate was a small amount of white rice mixed with a smaller bit of fried rice with a pile of broccoli. It's my version of making lemonade out of lemons. Got to learn to deal with the demons. I know better than to think Chinese restaurants are a thing of the past. (I swear they put crack in their food...we all just keep going back, don't we?!)'d it all pan out for me?

Official Weight for March 1st: 306.0
Official Weight for April 1st: 300.6

Total Loss = 5.4 pounds

No reason to celebrate the whoopies! just yet. It IS the lowest official weight I've ever had, but I cannot consider this plateau broken yet. Not yet. I need to see several more weeks of loss before I can call it broken. And I don't think I'll stop holding my breath for a while. Until then, I'm just going to keep going as on plan as possible because, if I do...if I stick it out and don't collapse into temptation this week, then by all rights my "under 300" goal WILL be mine next week. MUST. KEEP. GOING.

It donned on me earlier that some people might think my 8 pound loss in a week was an April Fools joke. Trust me, I thought so too. But this eating clean plan had me dropping a couple pounds here, another couple the next day. And each day it was eating away at the higher numbers of my never-ending plateau. The lowest I'd ever been on that plateau was 301, so I guess if you wanted you COULD call it broken...but I can't, not yet. Still, I like the plan. The plan is working. I'm sticking to the plan. When I got off plan (yesterday with Wendy's and, probably more damaging, movie popcorn, I saw the first gain since day 2 ...of .2 pounds - Ethan said, "Well, that's not too bad." I'm a little nervous about tomorrow, but I'm not fretting. Nearly done with all my prep for the week's meals.)

As for my measurements? I can't find my damn measuring tape. I'll try to get it done tomorrow morning (I have a backup at work).

April's Goals

4 weeks of the LiveFit plan. Staying on the eating plan and trying to make it through the week with no more than 1 or 2 cheats, and still fitting those in calorie-wise. I'm feeling more motivated. I NEED this.

And, of course, my other goal.... UNDER 300 POUNDS! I'd really like to see a number around 395 or lower at the first of next month. I want a new goal badly. It's time to move on to smaller numbers.

I also need to keep flushing with water. I've moved from my regular 8-10 glasses a day to closer to 12-15 every day, which is more where I should be for my body weight. Gotta keep that up.

Let's go April! (I'll also celebrate my 2nd Sparkversary this month...wouldn't mind being able to set a new beautiful goal for my 3rd year on Spark...maybe getting closer to 230, maybe? Trying to get under 40% body fat. I'd love to see a 3 on there and know I'm getting closer to my 30% goal.)
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
  • _SASX_
    awesome. temptation is hard. your will is stronger.
    3352 days ago
    Wow!! So awesome! I love that you tell us details of normal situations that come up that could possibly be derailers and how you survived just makes us realize that we can live this life with others and still come out ahead!! Whoo-hoo!!!
    3365 days ago
    AWESOME JOB. So glad to see the hard work paying off on the scale. Seems like the new motivation from the new gym and trainers paired with the JE and her eating plan are awesome for you. I have my fingers crossed and will be checking in on you this week to see how it's all going!
    3365 days ago
    That is sooo great! See, this is a way of life for you now. You don't freak out when those situations come up, you plan for them and carry on. I SOOO relate about not feeling like a plateau is broken even with consistent weight loss. Sometimes it feels like just when you're enjoying a bit o' success that some weight loss dark force is laying in wait to drop kick your joy. Here's hoping the losing streak continues! Woot!
    3365 days ago
    Just ran through to catch up with you - great job! Here's to week 2!
    3365 days ago
  • ERIN1128
    OMG, your comment about crack in Chinese food made me laugh out loud - sooooo true!
    3365 days ago
  • KARVY09
    Congrats on the loss this month! :)
    3365 days ago
    Good for you!! You are so right--you have to be realistic--Chinese food is not going to disappear. Way to make good choices. Keep it up and take it one day at a time!

    3365 days ago
    Great for you. The new plan is working. I am start it today.

    3365 days ago
  • IONA72
    Sounds like you are doing great, good luck in reaching your goals. Stay strong! emoticon
    3365 days ago
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