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NSV: The Elliptical, Bench Press

Saturday, March 31, 2012

I hit a new milestone today for my fitness: 40 min on the Elliptical!!!

last September, I could only do the elliptical for 7 minutes without having to stop. No matter how slow I went, I couldn't keep my heart rate down in the aerobic range.

Last October, that duration increased to 10 minutes (3.18 mph), and I felt pretty good about that.

In January, i reached a new milestone: 20 minutes (3.45 mph), which was great.

Today, I have hit the 40 minute marker (3.64 mph).. which blew my mind! emoticon!! I actually could have done it as a steady-state cardio longer (maybe an hour), but I decided to do my high intensity interval training so 40 was about all I had in me. The best part about today was the fact that, no matter how tired I was from my interval, I WAS able to cool down and get my heart rate back down into aerobic range when I slowed down.. this has never happened before! ! ! (I think the breathing patterns I've been practicing for running have also helped.... one count breathing in, two counts breathing out).

This is such an incredible improvement from where I was just 20 lbs and 6 months ago... I really feel more proud of myself for these sorts of fitness achievements than for any amount of lbs I could lose.

I love becoming healthier!!! Now that I am competent, I see a lot more elliptical in my future.. it's a great tool for doing cardio either in my max aerobic or anaerobic ranges.. and it saves my joints from the stress of trying to run 3x per week. Maybe I will cut it down to 1-2 runs and add 1-2 elliptical workout per week.

I feel so great!! emoticon oh, I also am bench pressing 80 lbs now(8 RM)....That's a new record for me~ I started out doing 60 lb a few months ago, and I was only doing 30-35 on the chest press machine last fall. I aim to bench at least 100 lb (8-10 RM) by the time this year is over!
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