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Friday, March 30, 2012

I've had my iPod Nano (6th gen) for HOW long now, and never used the Nike+/pedometer functionality before WHY?!

I love statistics stuff! It's why I love my heart rate monitor (the watch is still at the apartment, but I need to get new batteries anyway) and tracking my info keeps me motivated because it gives me "personal bests" to work toward.

So yeah, I've started walking again lately, and discovered that my Nano is BEST THING EVAR...and I'm so excited about it that Jezi (bestie and new roomie) wants to get one now too.

I want to work my way up to C25K, but needed to make sure I could walk the 3 miles/5K before I started the program. And the Nano has helped me figure out some trails I can use to do so. But I've also discovered that I really need to work on my core/lower back strength again, as well as flexibility in my hips to be really comfortable in doing all this. But I WILL do it! Leo and I made a pact that we're going to get back in shape! I think I'll start up 100/200/200 again on Monday to get my body back into a good starter shape before I move onto my other strength training programs.

More statistics from today:

Weather: Partly Cloudy, ~74 degrees

Miles walked: 3.26 mi. (For some reason, the Nike+ site is saying less, even though this is exactly what I have on my Nano itself. Not sure why the uploading is shortchanging me some distance.)

Distance from my house to my old apartment via trails: Just over 1.5 miles

Wild animals seen: LOTS of birds, squirrels, and even one brave bunny

Dogs seen: Several, including one that looks like Jezi's Bentley

Shared smiles with random strangers: Lost count! People are so friendly!

Number of "Three Wolf Moon" shirts spotted: 1, on a bicyclist

Number of kids seen: 8, including one that was SO cute it made my ovaries hurt and my uterus want to reject my IUD. OMG I WANTED ONE! *cough*


In relationship news, The Guy is still a total chode. He's being a jackhole to his other friends, too, and pretty sure he's demonized me to his family. The majority of the guild is PISSED at him, but no one wants to be the one to speak up because he tends to publicly berate people who get mad at him and leave, while he's always claiming victimhood. I'm seriously considering /gquitting, but I don't have a place to go yet that has the same goals I do. (I want to raid hard modes for a change. =/)

I'm also sure he (intentionally or unintentionally, I can't be certain, but knowing him it was intentional) threw out my bill for my new HH Gregg credit card (which I had been waiting for to set up my online payments), so I started receiving "reminder to pay your bill courtesy calls" today which wouldn't bug me if they didn't call me 6 times in one day. So I tried setting up the account anyway, but hey guess what? Their "Consumer Center" website is down! FAWK!

But anyway, he's pretty much going further and further down that rabbit hole of his, and it's making me glad he didn't take me with him. Financial issues are tough, but better that than to be stuck with him anymore.

All is not unfortunate and lonely in the relationship department, though. A male friend/guildie "warned" me that once the breakup was made public that there would be a few guildies who would be interested in pursuing a relationship. While that friend was avoiding mentioning himself, I knew he's interested, too. XD (Poor Poe. I love him dearly, but he reminds me of my best friend from high school whom I tried to date a few times but it just didn't work. Great chemistry as friends--even "friends with benefits"--but just not relationship compatability.) But even he admitted that Leo would be the best guy for me. We're already close friends, he's helped me through my depression and been my coach/cheerleader/motivator, and I've helped him through tough times as well. I know Leo's always been interested in me, but he's also been respectful of relationship boundaries, and made sure that he had NOTHING to do with the breakup. (In other words, I didn't sabotage my relationship or break up with The Guy so I could be with Leo...the relationship failed because it wasn't working out between us. Leo didn't try to push/convince me into breaking up just so he could pick me up afterward, either, even though he was my male emotional support during it. He really is the type who just wants me to be happy.) Leo is the one who reminded me that there is such a thing as unconditional love from another person.

You know what? I'm single now. I can persue whomever I feel like. The Guy threw me away with his own two hands. The hardest part of having a steady, solid relationship with Leo right now is distance. But he's still in school and I'm getting myself back together, so when he finishes his degree we will figure out where to go from there. At least we can visit each other, and have done so already.

I know Leo and I have chemistry. I know he likes me. We already make an amazing team and compliment each other well. So yeah. It's been a month since I moved out. Heck, technically it's been since October when the break up (despite The Guy saying he wanted to stay together, his actions say otherwise--we were broken up, and his "let's stay together" was lip service to keep me chained to him in hope that things actually COULD work out so he wouldn't lose his sugar mama). I'm free to flirt and go on dates and see if something develops. The Guy can have his Twitter relationships. I'm interested in relationships with real people who actually care about more than cybersex. Because the REAL THING is SO much better! emoticon

Also? Leo is a TOTAL HOTTIE. Leaves me weak in the knees and heart goes *pitter-patter* and all that. And HE is interested in ME?! How could I have gotten so lucky?! (Seriously, it's like upgrading from a rusted Honda Civic to a Lotus. LEO. IS. HOT!) Well, hey...we've already said we're going to get back in shape and motivate each other to do so. Wouldn't that just be the exclamation point to go to Blizzcon 2013 where Leo's all buff and I'm slimmed down and hot and we're both cosplaying our Blood Elf characters...and then we see The Guy who hasn't changed at all (because change is HARD WORK, y'all, and he doesn't like working if he can get out of it!)? THAT would be the BEST revenge.

Okay, actually the BEST revenge is sending out wedding invitations, and later, birth announcements...but I'm gonna focus on the attainable now:

~Getting back on my feet - Check. (Just need a job. Sending out applications already.)

~Finally getting over The Guy - Check. (Not entirely there, but much better now.)

~Getting back into shape - Already started walking, but getting ON PLAN starting April 1. This weekend is about getting rid of the junk food in the house.

~Pursuing a much healthier relationship - Check. (Leo and I are already talking about how we can work things out.)

So that's emotional health, mental health, financial health, and physical health that I'm working on now. The uphill battle is nowhere near as steep as it was a year ago!
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