3 things (2 good, 1 bad)

Friday, March 30, 2012

Something happened last night that made me start thinking. Last night was the last fund raiser for our Senior class for their Senior Trip to Florida. These dinners are traditionally packed and this one was no different. I was hiding out in the dessert room, helping to cut hundreds of homemade pies and cakes to serve to the masses. I noticed 3 things (2 really good and 1 that just plain made me MAD).

1. Even being surrounded by all of these yummy treats, I really didn't want to take a taste of them. I didn't think about it all night until I got home. The only one that was even slightly appealing to me was the fruit torte. Lots of yummy fresh fruit and cream.

2. One of the teachers came in and said I saw you at the gym the other night. Now I don't normally go to the gym because it is just to far to fit into my schedule. But this week I have made the effort to push myself there. There are just some things I can do there that I can't do at home. He said that he had just started going and was going to say something to him but it looked like I was in my zone and he didn't want to interrupt. I laughed and said I must have been running. But his comment stuck with me, I don't want to make the gym my social time, but there is nothing wrong with helping someone else who is just starting out. Isn't that why I'm on Spark to get motivation and encouragement for my goals? So later in the evening I saw him again, I started talking to him about what my fitness goals are and why. What I use for motivation and how I keep myself going? Guess what I have a new workout buddy, our goals are different but the steps are similar.

It is amazing what you find when you are not even looking for it.

The last thing really ticked me off and reminded me why I want my children to know that their is life outside this little town with narrow minds. Like I said, I was hiding out in the dessert room with my BFF talking and laughing and generally having a good time when a different school employee came in. She was throwing a fit about the art teacher (my new workout buddy), I really wasn't paying attention to her because honestly I have never liked her, she hates kids so I have yet to figure out why she works in a school. The kids were talking about prom and how a couple of the girls wanted to go with each other and not dates. Bring in some kids from other school and everything. One of the girls said that the principle wasn't going to let her bring her best friend since her boyfriend couldn't come because she was a girl. This perked my attention, seriously he said that. The discussion continued and it turns out that they can bring whoever they want but this woman that I don't like said "Why do you want to bring a girl, your not GAY like this thing in this room?" My BFF and I just stood there for a second, we couldn't believe what she had said. Ward is a great guy, he cares about the kids in the school, teaches art and volunteers to teach them a foreign language since our school district doesn't see the importance of even offering it. He spends hours and hours volunteering his time and has been one of the best additions to our district in a long time while this woman does nothing but put the kids down, yell and scream and try to get them in trouble (her son in law was the school board president until he was voted out this year which is the only reason she hasn't been fired). After processing that she was not kidding or joking and didn't even seem to think she had done something wrong, Rhonda and I went off. "Seriously, I would rather have a thousand people like Ward in our district than even one small minded, hate filled woman like you even though you are the janitor. You should not be around our kids, you don't like them or respect them and apparently you don't respect anyone." There were other things said but that was the jist. Her eyes got wide and she high tailed it out of the room and told the principle that we had yelled at her for no reason. He spent the rest of the evening apologizing to us frequently trying to placate us. I think he is scared and he should be, seriously this is 2012 not 1950. I know we live in backward rural missouri but honestly grow up people.
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    2551 days ago
    It is truly amazing and utterly sad how alive and well prejudice is. THANK YOU for standing up for your new workout buddy. Remember Ghandi's famous words, "Be the change you wish to see in the world." emoticon
    2551 days ago
    Wow, what an interesting evening, but yay for you for standing up for someone, that woman had no right to even go there!
    Who cares who wants to bring who to a prom or who prefers what in a relationship, this is 2012, grow up!
    2551 days ago
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