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Friday, March 30, 2012

About a month ago, I got an email notification that the BodyMedia company was coming out with a newer model of armband sensor, so the original ones were on sale. OF COURSE I bought one immediately, as I had wanted one of these little gadgets forever, but the cost was always too steep. So the day came where it arrived and I was SOOO excited. I charged it and began wearing it as soon as I could.

So, for about a year I've been at a plateau and have changed my intake, changed my diet to cleaner eating, moved from cardio to weight/circuit based training and back again... and yet I've never managed to break this plateau. (Not a "weight" plateau per se, but more like a body composition plateau) All the while thinking deep down "it's my intake... I know it is. I've messed up my metabolism and now everything is too much I just know it." A person with a history of disordered eating will always think this. Well... that and I'm 5'2" with a more petite build.

Bodymedia's slogan is "Know Your Body, Change Your Life." So to figure out what was going on behind the scenes... to see how much MY body burns working out AND at rest... I expected to see that my 1300-1500 calories a day were just too much for a body burning around 1400 cals a day as a BMR. Well here's what came up yesterday... a REST day for me:

The calorie burn is the top number in the blue line. I was shocked. Now that I've gotten used to that feeling of everything being too much... how do I come back from that? Which brings me to this point (which is why I blocked out all references in the photo to intake, targets, and weight). Having this device has been very triggering for me. Since it works on a subscription-based web platform, you get 2 months free with your purchase and then you have to renew. Because of sooo much focus on intake/output and numbers numbers numbers, I have found that it is just too tempting for me to jump down the rabbit hole of an ED again, so I will not be renewing my subscription. That's not to say it's not an awesome tool, it's just not good for ME with my history. Now I have to reconfigure my approach to supporting my body while beginning a strength-heavy program. Still researching. Hope everyone has a fantastic weekend! The Mr. and I have an awesome long morning run planned for a beautiful park in our favorite town tomorrow! So excited!
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    That calories burned number... is that taking into account everything you burned for the day? Even your resting calories???

    I agree with you, the numbers can become obsessive and can make us a bit crazy! It's great to hear that you have realized this early and know yourself well enough to stop the madness before it begins!

    But this tool would be a great thing to use every 6 months, or so... just to get a baseline number. Thanks for sharing your experiment :)
    3292 days ago
    I didn't know bodymedia at all...interesting.Would this be for athletic nerds or for unfit dummies?
    3332 days ago
    I love my monitor and I wouldn't change it for the world. Enjoy your monitor!
    3334 days ago
    Wow - thanks for sharing that information. Another reinforcement that everyone's path is unique and we each need to find our own way.

    Be Healthful
    3334 days ago
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