Faking It Until I MAKE IT!

Thursday, March 29, 2012

UGH, I hate feeling the way I'm feeling! In the past decade I can point exactly to what threw me off track of my healthy journeys. There are two things. 1. A vacation OR 2. A non-structured time for my kids (summer break)

This time around it's been both! Our whirlwind trip to Boise AND then boom, Spring Break! The two combined has thrown be in a downward spin out of control.

I've acknowledged this struggle and have received a lot of support to get over it.

Mentally I have no desire to break the downward spiral but in my soul I want it, want it badly! I decided I need to fake it until my mind,soul and body are inline with the same desire.

Today was baby steps, somewhat. I woke up at 6:30 and did an hour on the treadmill. 6:30 isn't super early for me. Typically to get my workouts in before my day begins I have to wake up at 4:30. With my kids' crazy spring break schedule that is NOT happening. The next thing I focused on was water. When I'm not trying to be healthy I can go days, even weeks without even one oz of water. I didn't get my normal 9 or 10 cups in but I did get 5. That's 5 more since Sunday.

My eating has been completely off. I told myself I wasn't going to stress about it. Today was just workout and water. Tomorrow I'll focus on workout, water and getting 5 fruits and veggies in!

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    Being out of a routine is so hard! I have to keep myself busy with morning activities with my kids, friends, or errands, or I won't get out of bed until I have to on days I don't work. Eating well can be a routine, too. I'm glad you're IN a routine and are noticing when you're not. Step one!! :)
    2544 days ago
    I can think of a few things that always throw me off track too - I am trying to figure out what to do in order to stay strong instead of faltering this time. Thanks for posting this - and just keep taking those baby steps!

    2549 days ago
  • MISSG180
    Keeping on the road when you don't feel like it is exactly what is needed to make this really work. We can't only do it when we're in the mood. You are inspiring me!
    2549 days ago
    Krista, you inspire me. Even when you're not feeling it, you still get on the treadmill? Really. That's when I take a day off, that usually turns into two or three until I finally realize this is not helping me. All I can say is look back on how far you've come. Think how much more you can do now. You are inspiring others,even in your "downward spiral"! Thank you for sharing your struggles. I KNOW you will get through this and be stronger for it.
    2549 days ago
    Thank you for posting this! There are so many times that we all feel like this! So know your not alone!! YOU CAN DO THIS! BUT....it all has to be done in baby steps! We can't get up one day and say NO MORE CANDY, COOKIES, FRIED FOODS or JUNK! We can't say NO MORE SODA's OR SWEET TEA...each day stride to do better then yesterday and before you know it your gonna be back on track! My kids have their spring break next week and yes my life is gonna be CRAZY! But, I have a plan to still go to Curves and get in some walks and out side time with the kids. Don't beat yourself up over a crazy out of control life...your doing this, every step you take towards YOU is special and worth ever lesson learned! Keep up the GREAT work, I know you can do it!!

    2549 days ago
    I'm so proud of you for blogging about this and coming to terms with it. You know yourself, you know your patterns and you're trying to change them. Big huge kudos to you! Great plan, remember we're all in this together.

    2549 days ago
    It's wonderful that you are not allowing yourself to cave completely. An hour on the treadmill sounds like quite a bit of determination to me! You can do this!!
    2549 days ago
    Good for you! You can do it
    2549 days ago
    You are doing it!!! I agree with everyone else: an hour on the treadmill during spring break is a pretty darn good fake!!! Keep those fruits and vegetables coming---that always helps me get back to eating better!
    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2549 days ago
    I wish I could fake it well enough to do an hour on the treadmill! Keep faking it! I am thrilled when I finish 3 minutes on the recumbent!! You are such a motivation - though I am sure you aren't feeling it right now! emoticon
    2549 days ago
    I have to laugh because I posted a similar blog awhile ago with just about the same title. I pretty much said the same thing - I ate a good dinner and exercised instead of laying on the couch and having pizza. I wanted to do the latter but decided I'd fake being a healthy person until I became one.

    One of my great friends (JEN_BACK2BASICS) left me a comment that changed my thinking. She said something like when she pictures someone faking it, they are dressed in their exercise clothes sitting around. And then when someone comes by, they pop-up and start stretching and say something like "Whew. That was a tough few miles". I am paraphrasing but I think I explained well enough.

    So, you are not faking it. You are making it!!! Whether it feels like it or not, you are getting up and doing it. I have to agree with my Spark Friend, you've MADE it girlie!

    Keep it up! Consider this a practice run for the summer break. You are doing GREAT!!

    2549 days ago

    Baby steps indeed. That's a great way to fake it for now.

    It might also be worth making a mental (or written) note to yourself to think about ways you could improve future vacations or school breaks - ways to make the healthy habits more workable under less predictable schedules and situations. They'll be a part of your life (and thus your lifestyle) at least until the kids are all grown for the breaks - and as long as you take vacations - so long-term your healthy lifestyle needs to include plans for them.

    2549 days ago
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