Remember the day-lilies...

Thursday, March 29, 2012

It's a weird title, I know. Trust me it will all make sense soon.

Today I pulled into my driveway and I was surprised to see just how quickly (not to mention how beautifully) my day lilies have bloomed!

Last week my yard AND my flower beds looked a hot, unkept mess. (We're talking "Someone call her Home Owner's Association. She HAS to be breaking a law with that un-mowed kind of situation.) Fast forward to Sunday when I spent some time in my yard and in the matter of a few, sweaty hours it was gorgeous! (Of course when I say "we" I mean Vincent. He's awesome. I'm asthmatic and allergic.)

Anyhoo, back to my point.

Two weeks ago, my runted, little day lilies were barely coming through the ground. Then last week I actually noticed the tiny, blades that had just peered above the surface. They were lush and green. Made more apparent that the winter under brush and old growth had not been pulled up and really hadn't showcased how much they'd actually grown.

Sprinkle in some rain and lots of sunshine and voila - spring has officially sprung!

So why am I asking you to remember the day lilies? Consider this:

Sometimes, we have harsh winters = months of maintaining a plateau.

We get in the proper amounts of water and sunshine = proper nutrition and exercise

It may not be evident ABOVE ground what's ABOUT to happen = although we're getting super healthy on the inside and toning and losing inches.

Until boom! It SEEMS all of a sudden we see a change = pounds lost

When all along, change has been secretly occurring the entire time = Patience

So what's my point? Just when you think you should see change and you don't - no worries! I've included in this blog how to plant a garden of success.

We just have to plant five rows of peas:

Planning. And most of all -

Include 3 rows of squash:

Squash negativity.
Squash dieting.
Squash deprivation.

Add 5 rows of lettuce:

Let us be positive.
Let us take responsibility.
Let us be in control.
Let us reward our accomplishments.
Let us be empowered.

No garden is complete without turnips:

Turn up the positive attitude.
Turn up with a smile.
Turn up with new ideas.
Turn up with real determination.
Turn up with success.

May YOUR garden flourish.

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