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Ok, I need a New Co-Inky Dink!!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Ever since I made that observation about my weight loss and my BMI being the same, my weight has been a teeter totter. Since last Friday, I have gained and lost the same .4 pounds every day it seems ..... ugghh.

Ok, I know not to trip on it. I wouldnt have weighed so much but I joined a couple of challenges with different weigh-in days. And then since I was stuck, I wanted to see if anything moved so I weighed a couple more times even. I know it could be my muscles doing their thing and probably is, but I just hope I didn't jinx myself!!

I think part of my concern is, by watching my carbs by default made my calories lower. I have been able to fix that the past few days, but I had several days of 1000+ or 900+, so I am worried that I just shot myself in the foot.

Ok, How's this for a new observation: When I double what I have already lost, I will be at my Driver's License Weight!! (do you think the DMV lady gets a good chuckle every time we state our weight?!)
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  • IAM_HIS2
    Sometimes we think too much...listen to your body and eat healthy. Cavemen didn't worry. Keep it simple and healthy.
    2272 days ago
    Try those Gabriel people, they don't even like to weigh.
    2273 days ago
    Our bodies are funny sometimes. Although I generally believe that, for a healthy person who doesn't have medical issues or food sensitivities, weight loss comes down to a calories in/calories out balance, there are definitely times when the scale doesn't reflect the efforts you've put in by watching calories and exercising. This is especially true for women, although I've found that I can now predict exactly when my hormonal blips will come each month and don't stress over them anymore. Remember that we're in this for the long haul and it's the long-term trends that are most important. You're making great progress, so stay the course and the results you want will come!
    2273 days ago
    Stay the course we are changing so much more than just your weight. emoticon
    2274 days ago
    Stay the course, you're doing great!! What do they say.....don't sweat the small stuff?? Just put one foot in front of the other and push onward. Whenever I've lost weight and then went to the BMV I always make them change the weight to reflect the weight loss. Then....the times I've gained weight......well, I've never said a thing!!!!!! I'm sure the BMV ladies do get a chuckle out of this. emoticon
    2274 days ago
    Our bodies do wierd things at times but keep the course
    2275 days ago
    I think I must have made the DMV lady emoticon . When I got my ID about 6 years ago, I put 250 lbs. I think I weighed around 210 lbs at the time. My highest ever of 250.5 is what I hit mid-September 2011 when I started here.

    Good coinky-dink to aim for though!
    2276 days ago
    Right on, this is a journey of self-discovery. Learning what works and what doesn't. I find the same with sleep - if I don't get enough, weight loss stops. Turns out water consumption is important for me as well. Just keep trying and observing.

    Spark On
    2276 days ago
    I was hoping that was the case. I mostly focus on the carbs and everything else is really just all over the place. So then I worried about this and then about that....

    oh.. I just remembered. I havent slept well the past few days either. When my sleep stalls, my weight loss stalls. That is another observation I have made on my journey. :)

    Ok...... must sleep tonight..... !! :) Thanks for replying!!
    2276 days ago
    Part of the theory of paleo/primal eating is thinking less about how many calories we need. I was eating between 2,500 and 3,000 calories daily. Since going primal, I still track my inputs, but only to track carbs. My daily calorie intake is now between 1,500 and 1,800 most days. I eat when hungry, don't feel deprived, have lots of mental and physical energy so not worried about how many calories - whatever the CW recommendations are, they're based on a carb-burning system, whereas paleo/primal is fat burning. Based on my personal experience I think the equations for carb-burners and fat-burners are different.
    2276 days ago
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