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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

This morning when I took my weight on the Wii it showed that I have lost 100 pounds since my highest weight last summer. I am kind of in shock. This is a major milestone and I do intend to celebrate it with a reward (jewelry) though I still have 59 pounds to go to my goal.

I have been thinking about the changes I have made in these 9 months. The most significant is that I do not work as much as I used to (65-80 hours/week). This means that sometimes projects don't get done on time. But since my boss strongly encouraged me to do something about my weight and health problems, I feel okay about leaving work after 8 or 9 hours to go take care of myself.

I exercise every day. I have worked up from 5 minutes of slow walking to 45 minutes of Wii or Just Dance 3. Some days I exercise less than others due to the injuries and chronic pain that led to my weight gain in the first place. But I am able to better advocate for myself regarding proper medication and the meds allow me to work out so that I can burn about 500 calories beyond my BMR each day.

That's another thing...I know my BMR. Why did no doctor ever recommend that I take 20 minutes and $100 to have this test done. It is such important information! I know how many calories I can take in and how many I need to burn each week to continue to lose weight.

I do not eat in restaurants except on rare occasions (such as a vacation) and then I try to look up the menu ahead of time so that I can order wisely and record the meal accurately. This means that my daughter and I actually cook for ourselves. Nothing fancy - usually steam and grill (thank you George Foreman)...but lots of fresh vegies and lean protein.

I record everything I eat and drink - throughout the day. If I wait even a half hour I forget - so I enter the info in my wonderful SparkPeople iphone app as I am eating the meal.

I eat at least 5 times a day. This way my blood sugar doesn't swing and I don't end up having to put my head down on my desk in the middle of the afternoon in utter fatigue.

I drink lots of water - usually 10-14 glasses a day.

I no longer inject insulin or take oral diabetes meds. I am off three blood pressure meds.

I feel so much better....and I continue on this journey.

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