Can't remember where you put your keys?

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Or the drink you had in your hand two minutes ago? Or your glasses? Or if you unplugged the iron, lowered the garage door, shut the windows? Or ? ? ? Whatever??

Chances are it's not your memory.

It's your ATTENTION!

Few of us live in the NOW, the PRESENT. We are always in the PAST - what just happened, what someone said yesterday, what someone did last week. OR, we're in the FUTURE - what I must do this afternoon, what I'll do this weekend.

We zoom right through the here and now, the Present, always focused on the Past and Future. Every now and then, stop and ask yourself, "What am I thinking about?" It is seldom what you're doing at the present moment. No wonder you don't remember it two minutes later.

Here's the cure: Start talking to yourself. Say - "I'm putting the keys by the lamp. I'm locking the door. I'm leaving my drink here by the books." You can say it to yourself, or you can say it out loud. But SAY IT. Make a complete sentence. A declaratory statement every time you do something. You WILL remember it later. Saying it locks you into the PRESENT, just for a moment, and it sticks in your mind.

Try it. After a while it becomes a habit. You may become known as the "One Who Talks To Herself", lol, but you'll also become known for your remarkable memory!

Worked for me!


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Member Comments About This Blog Post
  • JUSTJO66
    Hmmm, I'm already known as "the one who talks to herself". LOL
    It does seem that we think alike. Even without knowing you wrote an
    article on this...I wrote a poem for a contest. :o) Cool, isn't it.
    2612 days ago
  • SILLYHP1953
    Hmmm...very interesting. I talk to myself anyway, so that should just be a little added conversation.
    2660 days ago
    Great advice. This is one of my major problems. Multitasking does not work. LOL.
    2661 days ago
  • SIONED40
    This is great.
    2664 days ago
  • GABY1948
    Karen, your posts are THE best! I needed this...I am going to copy it and send it in an email to myself. Thank you so much for being my friend! emoticon
    2664 days ago
    Good grief! So many posts! Seems you touched a nerve. I try to put my glasses in the same place every time. If they're out of place, I can't see well enough to find them. Your suggestion is a good one.
    2666 days ago
    I wil seriously give this a try. Thanks for the idea
    2666 days ago
  • JUDY1676
    I have found that helps me, too! It's just like when going shopping, I make a list and usually forget it but, because I wrote ot out, I remember what I had on the list!
    2666 days ago
    emoticon I will try it! emoticon Vista
    2666 days ago
    Yeah, I could see that. I've lost two sets of paperwork in the past couple weeks, no idea what happened to them. Was able to replace one set from copies, had to redo the other. I certainly lost track of what I did with them, no idea when.
    2666 days ago
    My father used to tell me to stop every once in awhile when walking to turn around and see what the trip looks like in the other direction. It looks totally different looking for your car in the parking lot than it does when walking in. It's all about paying attention.
    2666 days ago
    Well I guess I might say "You hit the nail on the head". LOL I never took the time to think about this. Now that you brought it to my attention, I can see it's very true. Thank you for always bringing me some incite to my dilemma's. ((Hugs))
    2666 days ago
    Karen, it's worth a try. I lose my keys, phone, etc. It's getting bad.
    2666 days ago
    I do that and it really helps!
    2666 days ago
    Yes, I'd rather be "the one who talks to herself" than "the one who hasn't a clue".

    I do what you describe all the time, i.e., talking to myself as I'm putting things down. It's become a game with me. I tell friends that at our age it's a mistake to get into certain kinds of habits that make our brains and bodies lazy. For instance, I play a game with myself when I take my hearing aids out at night. I never leave them in the same place but when I do leave them, I take a kind of mental snap shot (plus the talking to myself bit) and the next morning I try to go right to them. It does work! I generally find them well before lunchtime!

    Of course, that could also mean that I NEED A LIFE!!! Ha!

    A word of caution: this DOES NOT work with pens! I've tried many years to consciously leave pens where they are most likely to be needed, probably even talking to myself though perhaps using words that are not allowed on this site. One solution for which I had great hope was the purchase of a box of pens (and later on another and then another...). Well, I don't want to sound too other-worldly but we all must admit that these pens have a life and a will of their own and really prefer to congregate in one place. That place is NEVER by the phone.

    Since this subject seems to have wound me up, I'll continue: As to being efficient in other areas which don't help our bodies: the remote control is a good example. For some time now my remote has only let me change channels. For turning off and on and adjusting the volume, I have to get up. I'm delaying getting this fixed. That's not totally true: a character in my building volunteered to help me THREE times but each time, after he left, something else was wrong with the TV/VCR/DVD system. So THEN I decided to delay getting it fixed, i.e., I've run out of options and have turned that around to "I'm being more healthy this way!". What's sand for if you can't stick your head in it once in a while?!

    The forgetting I have no control over, i.e., searching for names, seems a bit of a lost cause. I can always find the name eventually but by then whoever I am talking to has probably gone home. Ha! I'm not worried about that and if a friend can't find something to do while I'm searching the whole alphabet, in whispers to myself, then maybe they are not good friends after all. Either that or they are practicing self-care and protecting their sanity. But, whatever, it's not a serious problem.

    Well...I must go. I've lined up some interviews with some potential new friends!

    Hugs, Sandra
    2666 days ago
  • MOGAL1946
    Oh, I feel so much better now! I thought it was a sign of me getting older. The more I think about it, this is so true. Seems my mind is always going to what I need to get done later or what I did yesterday and how to improve it. Great Topic! Gonna work on the here & now!
    2666 days ago
    Great topic and so true. It happens to me so often that I've actually learned to ask myself "Now, if I were me where would I have put/left the _____________?" o.O
    2666 days ago
    Great idea, thanks.
    2666 days ago
    Yes, you are right and as we age its a reminder to slow down and be present in the moment.
    2666 days ago
  • CATHY629
    Will have to try that,i am always forgetting where i put my glasses.
    A few weeks ago we were travelling to Alicante in Spain.we completed the first leg of our journey from the island to Manchester,then we dashed from terminal 3 to terminal 2 at manchester airport,arriving at the check in desk the girl asked "where are you travelling too" for a split second i just couldn't remember,i put it down to a senior moment,but it was probably with rushing about so much,at least thats what i hope it was lol!
    2666 days ago
  • DGAIL51
    I will try it! My memory has been the pits for a while now. Sometimes I think I have adult ADD.
    2666 days ago
    This reminds me of a woman at the store last night lamenting that she couldn't remember where she left her cart.

    You are so right -- I know when my mind hiccups a little that the root cause is that I have way too much zooming in my life.
    2666 days ago
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