5 Updates+March Wrap Up+April Goals+A Secret!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Hello *again* friends!

First of all, I must announce how proud I am that I am actually blogging TWICE in the month of March! I’m not sure what is wrong with me – my temperature seems normal – but it seems that waking up so darn early in the mornings (more on that later) actually blessed me with more hours in a day to do wonderful things like scour the internet for the perfect oatmeal pancake recipe, read up on all 100 recaps of Sunday’s Mad Men, and of course, write this blog post.

5 major updates since the last blog


…and to calm my nerves, I eat like I’m #1 in a hot dog eating contest.

(Basically, the more social events, the more I eat and the more weight I gain subsequently)

I am not sure when this started (last year maybe?), but what I do know is that it’s getting worse. I can’t even eat around my parents or even my best friend normally. And nevermind if anyone draws attention to my eating – I will go even deeper down the rabbit hole. Luckily the only person who does not affect me anxiously is DH, which is a good thing because he is who I hang out with the most!

So this is something major that I am in the process of figuring out.


Remember when I wrote all that good stuff about balance? Well boy did I shoot myself in the back paw since I last hit that “Post Blog Entry” button, because another binge session occurred since then as well as a few other crazies. But it’s mostly under control now. Actually, I don’t know what I mean by “under control” because I’m not sure it’s every going to be completely controllable, but I did realize the factors involving and leading up to the point, so I think I’m just more in the point of learning and moving on.

The first (and really only) binge session occurred on St. Patrick’s Day evening at a dinner at a neighbor’s house. Although I’ve balanced my diet with meats, fats, sugars and lots of veggies, apparently I have not fulfilled my needs in the grains department, because I went totally berserk over soda bread at dinner. My neighbors may have seen me in my bathrobe with my hair in an impromptu bird-nest style while fetching the paper in the early mornings, but they are still people, and because of that, I kept scarfing food down my throat. (See #1) But that isn’t the worst part. Noooo way: after I came home from the dinner, I snuck into the kitchen and took down. An. Entire. Loaf. Of. Soda bread. O.M.G. Let me just say that it was not my best Miss America moment, and my jar of jelly was obliterated by the time I finally finished (read: the soda bread was all gone). Another one for the books, folks.


What I did learn was what I need to make room for starchy carbs. Besides, I’m a runner, so what the hellicat was I doing not filling my plate with carbs to begin with. Ugh! Lesson learned and moving on.


Why? Good question! Once you find the answer, please tell me, because at this point I suspect that I find perverse enjoyment in punishing myself. Ha!

Okay so in all seriousness, it seemed that my little experiment of 4:45 am went so well that in my most hallucinogenic runner’s high moments, I decided that it would make me much more awesome to wake up at 4:30 am.

Result? First, I really do feel like I have so much more free time during the day (hence this blog). Second, for a non-morning person, I’m pretty darn proud of myself to accomplishing this feat day after day. Third, this makes 6:30 am wake up calls on the weekends a luxurious task I call “sleeping in” (DH, however, Does Not Appreciate my wide-eyed nature and my “turbo mouth” as he puts it at that time on Saturday mornings). Fourth, I pass out at 8:30 pm every night, which gives me less time to raid the kitchen at night – WIN!

(Unfortunately, my Awesome meter hasn’t wavered, so maybe I’ll wake up at 4:15 am now? Ha - JUST KIDDING!)


Where have you BEEN all my life!

Seriously, I can NOT believe this devilish little chocolate thing provides me ½ the calcium I need for the day. Every time I take it – for my health, mind you – I feel like I’m splurging.

Don’t believe me? Well, check out the warning label on the package sometime, where it warns you that even though this thing tastes so darn good, remember to treat it as a nutritional supplement.

When was the last time you read *that* on a vitamin bottle?


Where have you BEEN all my life Part Deux!

In reference to #2, I’ve been eating waffles (OMG WAFFLES!!!) in the mornings to get my grains in. I understand these waffles to be healthy but um HELLO – my kitchen smells like CAKE when I toast up those puppies. So Wrong but the package says it So Right!

You know that saying – “If it’s too good to be true…”? Well, I’m starting to wonder, because all this healthy *delicious* stuff that suddenly popped into my life is turning me suspect.

emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

I’ve done the most this month in getting myself balanced, but I would still pin March 2012 up in the ranks of January and February 2012 in terms of turmoil. This balance thing is difficult! But I will do it and I *can’t* give up.

What’s been working:

1) Writing out my negative feelings in my journal every morning. Writing it out doesn’t always shake my bad mood, but it does provide some relief after I do
2) Waking up so darn early in the morning. I’m taking this thing one at a time.
3) My new philosophy: if a stimuli creates a negative reaction or domino effect, expose myself to the negative stimuli some more to lose its power over me. This has worked especially well for my new eating plan. When I previously would purposely avoid sweets, it became my #1 binge. Now that sweets are not excluded from my eating plan, it’s the last thing I want when I binge.

What hasn’t worked:

1) That whole low-carb thing. Add South Beach and Paleo to the list of diets my body can’t/won’t handle.
2) Being active in my early morning workouts, yet extremely sedentary at the computer in the afternoon. Since our evening workouts are more sporadic now (aka “not exactly happening anymore”), I need to do something in the post-lunch hours like 10 minute workouts or something. This could be the very issue of why I can’t shake the last few pounds here.
3) Eating with people (excluding DH).


Much to my relief, the cravings subsided quite a bit since I last blogged – YAY!

Still not sure if I will continue the sobriety streak post July. I’ll just take it one day at a time. 

emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

I decided that I am so going to WIN IT this April. Hopefully the rains will take a one-way ticket outta town, the warm air will seduce my arms to baring themselves, and I will finally have my Saturday where I ride my bike hard and then pass out like a bum on the beach. I am going KILL it!

1) Become more active in the weekday afternoons:
Minimum Goal: 10+ min at 2x/week
Achieved Goal: 10+ min at 3x/week
Rockstar Goal: 10+ min at 4-5x/week

2) Get back on the bike! I haven’t ridden since my bike accident, but only because of this annoying thing called rain and thunderstorms (go away and stay away Please!) and planned events.

3) Friends + food = RELAX. Instead of focusing how nervous I am, I am going breathe, relax and enjoy the moment. If I can’t get there, I will as much water as it takes to slow me down food-wise (after all, it *would* be a good opportunity to get in my water intake, yes?)

emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

Psssst! Can you keep a secret?

To me, DH’s food will always look better than mine. I can’t explain it. I can sit with a banana split with the works in front of me, but if he orders a radish, I will still prefer his sad little radish over my decadent dessert. And of course, same goes if we even order the same exact thing. True story!

So today, we decided to order in for lunch: an 18-inch sausage and pepperoni pizza bigger than my biggest suitcase for him and the most awesome tasting White Fish with Mediterranean sauce and a HUUUUUGE salad for me. (FYI: we order him giant pizzas with intentions of leftovers for future lunches and dinners in mind)

As usual, he offered me a bite or two before he demolished his lunch, but the atypical me today declined. To be nice. And also because I had quite the spread on my lunching agenda in front of me (and I would therefore look completely ridonkulous in eating my lunch *and* his).

After lunch, I started packing up the leftover pieces when suddenly the hugest, strongest, most uncontrollable urge surged through my veins and …

I took multiple “inconspicuous” bites out of Each Slice.

I couldn’t help it.

Here’s one slice I “tested”:

It’s not that bad, right? I mean, you don’t think he would notice do you? I believe I was careful with the size of each bite and thoroughly strategized the placements as well.

Yeah, I don’t think he’d notice.

KittyRoxx, Out.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I just cracked up big time! I LOVE waking up early! But the trick for me is staying in that routine haha No biggie on the binging girl, it happens! Just do some positive self talking when your at the gym. "Alright I have those extra calories to get in a better work out!" Take care and I hope June is going well for you!!

    2169 days ago
    hehehe Oh Kitty you're so funny... my fiance would notice if i took those bites hehehe
    2238 days ago
    Heh...see my excuse for taking bites of Marks food: "just checkin to besure its not poisonous!" You know those ninjas...they are tricky and quick! Plus sometimes it takes more than just one bite to make sure everything is ok! lol For your nervous / anxiousness around people have you tried a little Cognitive Behavioral Therapy? I know of a few books that helped me a lot with my social anxiety. If interested in the titles let me know! They offer some great tools!

    Your goals for April sound great! emoticon emoticon
    2238 days ago
    You are too cute and soo funny! I also do small pizza bites on my boyfriend's pizza slices before handing his slices over to him because, like you, his slices look much better than mine. I didn't know Cali was still having it's moments of rain. And WTG on conquering the binging monster! You will rock your April goals!
    2243 days ago
    The pizza bites! ROFL!! Your blog cracked me up, also about your DH's plate always looking better even if he orders a radish!! Reminds me of me when I was about 4!! I can relate to your binging. I've tried to cut sweets and carbs and ended up binging more. Great job maintaining your weight, I'm 4'9, I can relate to weight taking more space on shorter bodies.
    2245 days ago
    Just found your page thru one of your comments on a blog and instantly was like "Wow she's tiny like me!" (I am 4'11).
    What a wonderful blog. Do you mind if I add you?
    2246 days ago
  • RUBEE22
    lol I love the inconspicuous pzza bites! I've been meaning to wake up early to get my work outs in in the am before work for a month now and so far, the snooze button continues to win. Good luck with your April goals, I, too, have declared April as my "win it" month : )
    2246 days ago
    Binging is my undoing also. Good Luck.
    2246 days ago
    emoticon blog!!
    2247 days ago
  • KEM0727
    Oh my gosh I am dying laughing over the pizza bites! Totally something I would do! Looks like you are doing great though, and I am woah impressed with the super early wake-up success!
    2247 days ago
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