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On To Happier Things - Vacation Blog! With Pictures (lots)! And WOLVES!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Well, the plan HAD been to get on the road by 7am on Thursday, but nothing ever goes according to plan when travel is involved. LOL Happily we only ran about an hour later than the goal, so we were on the road just before 8am, and really ran into NO traffic heading south (and honestly only dealt with two short slow-downs on the way home either, both of which I blame on UK...but I digress). The reason for leaving early? We were meeting up with MONETRUBY, one of my fellow Wisteria Wolves, in Knoxville for lunch before she had to go to work! Happily she didn't have to be at work until 3pm (instead of the 1pm we'd originally discussed), so we were able to have a nice long visit even though we were running late.

'Yote and MONETRUBY chatting at the table (the picture is pretty dark...sorry)

And THIS is what happens when two girls can't stop talking long enough to take a picture. LOL Not that we were surprised by that or anything. *grins*

We totally took up the whole time available - happily MONETRUBY only works about 2 minutes from the McAllister's Deli she'd suggested as a meet up place (OMG, she wasn't kidding, their potatoes are as big as my head!) so hopefully she wasn't late. At that point, we had no pressing timing issues so we ended up taking the scenic route right along the base of the mountains - it was breathtaking! (And a little...creepy on occasion, the juxtaposition of huge mansions next door to run down trailers was a pretty stark contrast.) And OMG the redbuds were blooming the whole drive down, it was awesome.

Happily we arrived with no issues (nor any wrong turns - go me!) at REBOOTMYLIFE's new apartment - ya know, if I could transport this place to Cincinnati, I'd move in a heartbeat, look at all those TREES!

My buddy Lenny (aka REBOOTMYLIFE - and yes, he dusted off his Sparkpage while we were there, so hopefully he'll be participating 'round these parts more)! I am SO PROUD OF HIM! He's lost nearly 120 lbs so far!

Of course, you can't tell in that picture because he's sitting down, but dude is a walking mountain. Seriously - he's 6'8". For comparison' sake ('Yote is 5'6"-ish, and I'm 5'3")

It was honestly a perfect trip. No, we didn't get in any site-seeing, I didn't make it to the gym and we never got around to taking pictures of the wisteria (I've never seen it growing wild like that, and it's EVERYWHERE, so pretty!). But we spent 3 days talking and catching up around his kitchen table, got to see the kids and his ex-wife, AND made it to the Nerdist Live show, which was absolutely awesome!

After settling in Thursday night (and staying up talking until after 2am) we went to see the kids on Friday, which included birthday presents for everybody (since I've missed several - this was the first time we'd visited since Daniel was born, so this was my first time meeting Daniel and the new baby with the ex-wife's new husband). I think I win on the birthday present front - EVERYBODY was pretty happy. :)

We went to dinner that night at a place out in the sticks called The Pizza Farm. Seriously. :)

Daniel was NOT into the whole sitting-in-his-own-chair deal, so Auntie Lisa got her toddler fix. :)

Cute kids being cute. LOL (In order - Daniel, Lizzie & Abigail)

Saturday was another late morning (after staying up talking until 2am again - it was kind of the pattern the whole weekend) sitting around talking, then we headed to the ATT store to set up my NEW PHONE (seriously didn't think that was going to happen until Lenny upgraded for his birthday in June, but he'd already upgraded before we got there, so I haz spiffy new iPhone4 now, and YES I immediately snagged the Zombies!Run! app! Can't wait to try it out tomorrow!), hit Krogers to get more coffee creamer (and in other gadget news, I became VERY fond of his Keurig coffee maker while we were there...and I now understand the usefulness of a real car GPS, I suspect one may be showing up in my car in the near future), and then headed to Little 5 Points for dinner and the Nerdist Live show!

Dinner (and yes, drinks) at The Vortex - I SO LOVE THIS PLACE! (And I totally got to keep the glass, how awesome is that?)

Random things that apparently happen when waiting in line in Atlanta. :)

The show!!

The next morning was another slow start, and then we went for food at The Marietta Diner - OMG, it's a good thing we live 8 hours from this place. Check out 'Yote's Baklava Cheesecake - it was literally as big as his head, he's STILL making his way through the leftovers. LOL

We finally hit the road north around 6pm or so, taking the more direct route of getting on I-75 in Marietta and taking it all the way home. We got home around 2:30 AM, stayed up until about 4:30 unpacking and getting settled back in, and yesterday was spent mostly playing with my new phone (getting my iTunes and music all sorted). And hitting the gym (felt GREAT to get back in the saddle)! Today, we've got group marathon training (my daughter MAY be sitting out, she just texted me that her ankle is giving her issues, considering she did 18 miles on Saturday not surprising, so she's going to ice it and see how it feels in a couple of hours). Tomorrow I intend to knock out the 18 miles I didn't get done over the weekend (with my new Zombies!Run! app to help keep me sane), which gives me a couple of days to recover before we do 20 miles on Saturday. And then on Saturday I'm probably going to see Lenny and the kids again, as they make Cincinnati a pit-stop on their way from Atlanta to visit family in Detroit for a week! Yayz!
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