March 27 - "What doesn't kill you makes you stronger....."

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Kelly Clarkson's song was playing during part of my bootcamp workout today with my friend and it was very fitting. My friend and I decided to do a bootcamp insanity style workout today. We each had the task of picking drills to do.

We started on the basketball court running laps for a warm up.

Then we moved onto the drills. This first set of drills were more of another warm up to get our bodies ready. We did......

- Jumping Jacks
- High Knees
- Butt Kickers
- Mountain Climbers

Each of these drills were 45 seconds with no breaks. We did two sets of these and then ran laps around the gym.

**Water Break and Stretching***

Our next set of drills were a lot tougher. We did another 45 seconds per drill and ran through this twice as well.

- Suicide runs (shuffling)
- Insanity Burpee (with 8 push ups and 8 mountain climbers)... jump up and repeat
- Basketball Jumps (Touching the ground and jumping up throwing the imaginary ball)
- 4 Jumping Squat Holds and then down to 4 push ups...... jump up and repeat

More laps around the gym and we were onto the next part of our bootcamp.

I saw this next exercise on The Biggest Loser and have been wanting to try this exercise out. Today was the day to do it! Treadmill walking..... but with your hands! Basically you get into a plank position with your hands on the treadmill and start moving the belt with your hands. It was tough and now I have a nice battle wound for doing this.

Both of my hands look like this. I guess we should have had on gloves. We did a couple sets of 45 seconds.

After the treadmills we were up to the weight room. In here we did:

- Ball squats (Sit on the ball and bounce up. Kind of like squatting. You would think this would be easy but after 3 sets of 45 seconds.... your quads BURN!)

- Arm pulls using the resistance bands. This one burned my triceps and lats. We strung the resistance bands over a bar (doubling them up) and pulled like we were climbing a mountain. After 3 sets of 45 seconds, my arms were beat!

- Running backwards on the track. People were giving us weird looks but who cares. I was laughing as I was passing people running forwards. We would run backwards for 45 seconds and then run forwards for 45 seconds. We did 3 sets.

- Throwing a medicine ball. This one was fun.... basically you just hold the medicine ball over your head and pound it on the floor as hard as you can to make it bounce somewhat. Medicine balls really don't bounce. We did 3 sets of 45 seconds.

Then came abs. We did V ups holding a 10 pound weight, sit ups holding a 25 pound weight, and russian twists with the 25 pound weight. Two sets of each of these and we were done.

I feel like I really worked it today. It is awesome to have such a sweat drenching workout...... And it didn't kill me but I know that I am stronger! LOL......

I got back to my desk and was able to eat my treat. 1/2 cup of cottage cheese mixed with strawberries. YUM!
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