The check is in the mail. (advice appreciated)

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

A fellow sparker told me that a few months ago when I was having a plateau related temper tantrum, and it's become my mantra. I even have a little song about it that I sing to myself when I'm working out... (to the tune of "the farmer in the dell")

The check is in the mail.
My efforts will not fail.
This plateau will be ending soon
The check is in the mail.

A little silly, yes...but most of the things that keep me sane usually are. :)

But I've been having a harder time believing in the USPS lately...where the heck is this stinking check already???

Fact: I'm putting on insane amounts of muscle.
Fact: My measurements are decreasing (losing overall mass)
Fact: The jiggle factor is steadily decreasing
Fact: I feel great.
Fact: I'm eating better than I EVER have in my life, fat or thin

But I guess this is my question right now...exactly how much stinking muscle am I going to put on? I've been stuck in the 280's since mid November. Four months. It's completely ridiculous. I haven't had crazy binges or let up on my exercise. I stay within the ranges of whatever eating plan I'm doing at the moment. I supplement myself silly with vitamins and herbal supplements. So I going to wake up one day and still weigh 281 lbs, but look like Arnold??? I don't want to complete in body building is NOT my goal. I've been promised by trainers and articles alike that women CANNOT get that muscular because we don't produce the testosterone to support that kind of muscle mass. So seriously, at what point am I going to hit the wall with muscular development and get back into the fat burn zone? I've been researching this off and on for weeks, and I can't find a DARN thing on the subject. So Spark friends...any info on this subject? Books or articles you can refer me to? I will NOT be reverting back to my old lifestyle...I hated it. I LOVE eating nutritious food and working out, and the joy of living well is keeping me on track, even if the scale is not cooperating with my efforts right now. But seriously, a little scale gratification would do my Type A personality wonders. :) So...any info or suggestions??
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    The fact is, we all get caught up with the number on the scale. Fact is, it's not the best measure of our overall health and fitness (cold comfort, I know). The lost inches and how you feel are far better indicators. However, if you are bent on seein the scale move: cardio, cardio, cardio. Get that heart rate up - it's the only thing that burns fat. It can't be the same old, same old. Running is one of the best fat burners there is, bang for your buck. Get out of your comfort zone and push yourself in a new cardio routine.

    Hope it works for you.
    2574 days ago
    On the plus side -it does sound like a lot of positives are happening -strength - overall measurement reduction. I know you're very knowledgeable about calories /carbs/ exercise and have read extensively on it. I know you run/ spin/do the elliptical, but all I can suggest is perhaps pushing further in your cardio -increase -intensify your running to the point of massive sweating or include an intense step class -one that really makes you sweat. As hard as you're working now, regardless - your body must be acclimating . I look at what I have to do now to lose weight and it's crazy. a year and a half ago, I could barely raise my arms above my head, now I do 3+ exercise classes on many days and 30 minutes of cardio and still have to find a way to push harder. Good luck to you.
    2575 days ago
    Well, here's my 2 pennies for what it's worth. I have done the exact same thing myself. I even gained 2 pounds but the inches are coming off. Like you, I have a bit of stress in my life with my son and his recent hospitalization (he nearly died). the best advice I have is....stick with this and never give up. In fact, shake it up. Reverse the order you do things (if you cardio then strength, do strength then cardio instead). Change up everything that you do. Try to increase your calories by 250 per day for about 2-3 weeks but (and this is a big but) incorporate into your workout an extra 250 burn above what you are doing. Try interval training - kicks my arse! Most importantly, STOP WEIGHING YOURSELF!

    Let's stop and think about what is really important here. You have been through (and I can only assume still enduring) one hell of a life altering event. This does indeed shock your system and that evil cortisol does lurk in your body and wreaks havoc. How do you feel? You say you are stronger. These are your words: "I will NOT be reverting back to my old lifestyle...I hated it. I LOVE eating nutritious food and working out, and the joy of living well is keeping me on track, even if the scale is not cooperating with my efforts right now." That, my friend, IS your focus. Enjoy that you are feeling stronger and that you have conquered the former lifestyle that you have left behind. Embrace every minute of the new you. What matters is how you feel and what you (hear that, YOU) have accomplished.

    Make sure that you are drinking enough water (I know, if I hear that again.....) and even more importantly, make sure that you are getting enough sleep. Check out recent studies about lack of good/enough sleep and weight gain. It is amazing. Just keep on truckin' and you will be rewarded even if it isn't on the scale. You will lose your mind if you let that scale rule how you feel.

    Remember that we are all here and you can throw all the fits you want and we will listen! You are among many friends who have all been in this position. I haven't lost any weight since Thanksgiving. I have been completely pure to my program and have incorporated exercise (lots of it). I, like you, feel stronger and need to follow some of my own advice! So, here I am, with you....same boat! Let's do this together and maintain our focus on what is most important. US!!!
    2578 days ago
    I haven't any books to recommend and I too have heard all the spark stuff that says we don't have the testosterone to put on huge muscles. BUT........ a knowledge of physiology says that we women produce extra oestrogen in our fat cells. This breaks down to although we may not have masculine levels of testosterone we 'bigger' girls do have more testosterone than our smaller counterparts. Therefore I think you can expect your muscle mass to increase even though it may not get to Arnie size!
    Therefore I would take care of the exercise you do and as you have said yourself just get things in balance (whatever that is? i think it may be different for everyone but there will be some unifying features to it I guess.) Why don't you throw the scales away for a month or two and do what feels right for you. See if not concentrating on weight makes a difference.....A bit like a woman struggling to get pregnant and just can't seem to for no reason, but then adopts a child and falls pregnant soon after when she is not consumed with the thought of pregnancy... don't know of this analogy is a good one but it seems to fit.
    I wonder too, if the body tries to take a rest and catch up when it has gone through stress. Quite apart from everything that has been happening in your life recently, just exercising to the max and losing weight are stresses in themselves and will increase cortisol which in turn will work towards holding onto weight and every fat cell you have.
    Hope this helps????
    I believe in you and KNOW that you can do it and it will happen. I also know that that Type A personality can be our worst enemy at times!!!!

    2578 days ago
    I love that mantra!!

    You are so strong and have the right attitude about not giving up!

    Everyone want to see the scale move...but you are seeing inches decrease so you are doing something right!

    Maybe your recent adrenal gland problem has somehting to do with this?

    Also, did you check your scale batteries? Sounds silly but mine needed new batteries and it helped a few weeks ago... it was not accurate when the batteries were almost dead.

    I hope sparkes have some great advice for you!

    I know you will see a loss again, you are working so hard!

    2578 days ago
  • JANDK156
    Honey, I have plateau'ed a lot longer and lost a lot less than you have. Yes, it's frustrating, but it's also not a simple mathematical equation. Do what you said, start over and eat within SP range and do the workouts you enjoy and see how it goes. Try not to read any articles for one month and ENJOY yourself and the scale will smile in time. That's what I keep telling myself, anyway emoticon
    2578 days ago
    Oh, love Plateaus SUCK. I too am stuck. It's been a couple months for me. I was losing steadily before I started exercising - but have been going at least 3 days a week for a couple of months. I know I need to exercise more - but why did the weight loss stop when I started exercising? I feel your pain - and I hope that check comes soon. I am still getting compliments about how much I have lost - but I have so much more to lose. Grrrrr. But I know we can both break this 'wilderness experience". Keep up your good work. emoticon
    2578 days ago
    What SassyJB said!

    If you're exercising like crazy and not feeding your body enough, it can stall your weight loss. The other thing to check is your sodium intake.

    Say you're eating 1500 calories a day, then you burn 3000 calories exercising. You have a differential of -1500, right? But your body needs calories just for daily functioning outside of exercise. I once read that a 5' tall woman weighing 100 lbs needs 1000 calories a day just for her body to function while she lays in bed all day. Obviously, this isn't a healthy lifestyle, but just an example that weight loss is not about burning everything you eat during a workout.

    I know it is counter-intuitive that eating more while you're working out equals weight loss, but it really does work - especially for long haul weight loss.
    2578 days ago
  • JESSICA2140
    Not a dumb question!! I've gone high, I've gone low, I've done everything in between...I'm just STUCK!! I "keep the faith" because it IS working, kind of. I'm losing the mass, which is a measurable accomplishment...just nothing on the fricking fracking scale!! I've also had very steady fitness improvement along the way...I'm kind of like the 6 million dollar man...stronger, faster, more endurance; to the point that I shock many of the "fit" people I work out with as I can do more than they can! Just no stinking scale movement!
    2578 days ago
    Hey Girl, This is gonna be a dumb question but are you eating enough calories? That could be a reason you are not losing pounds. Also stress is a factor as well. Not that you have any of that! I sure am not a guru by any means. Just going off what other sparkers have shared with me. I certainly do understand needing to see those numbers move. A little gratification goes a long way with me also. Keep up the good work, at least inches are coming off! That is truly wonderful! Keep believing! emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2578 days ago
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