Tuesday, March 27, 2012

OK....I goofed up when a crisis clobbered me! Now I need to get back on track...I'm feeling overwhelmed---there are so many things I need to do!
I read on SparkPeople that I need to take Baby Steps...so...
**Question 1....what is going to be my first baby step?
**Question 2....What can I do (when I am addicted to sugar) when my friends bring candy, cookies, cupcakes, muffins, etc. to our bi-weekly card games?
a. tell them to cut it out?
b. take something of my own to nibble on?
c. stop going to games nights?
**Question 3....How can I go back to eating mostly fruit and vegetables here at the end of the month, and all I have left is rice and potatoes, bread, and apples? Well, I do have some chicken and turkey bacon and some split peas to cook...and some cans of spinach and some fresh spinach and one yellow squash and half an avocado, and lots of tomato sauce, some whole grain pasta, which tasted rubbery when I tried to cook it before, a little bit of celery, and a little bit of carrots...oh, and frozen carrots and frozen corn and canned blackeye peas...what meals can I pull together from all this---without overdoing the carbs---and making sure my proportions are right?
**Question 4....Since I lived on a very limited income, what do I need to buy next week...How can I stretch my budget and still eat right? I was doing it before...oh, why did everything have to get so messed up and confusing just because I am grieving? emoticon
**Question 5...I need help...Who can I ask to help me plan next month and survive the rest of this week?
SO...I was feeling very confused and overwhelmed, but figuring out the questions is the first step to solving problems, right?
ALSO---It REALLY helped me to post on my profile page, a picture of myself last August, when I still weighed over 330lbs....and post another picture of me now that I have lost 47 lbs...even tho the scales show I gained 4 of it back last week...a before picture and a comparison of now...and I can REALLY see a difference! YAY! This is great!
SO...I know I catastrophize....my therapist says I am "The Queen of Catastrophe!" LOL So all is not lost, no, just one setback doesn't mean I will never lose weight again...I just need to figure out my baby steps and deal with my grief and plan how to do things differently, using the new things I have learned this month...
But for now, I am tired and I need to go to bed...things will look much better in the morning!
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  • LADY51
    I would make something healthy, like bake something and bring it and only eat that and maybe one of theirs that you figure is not outrageous in calories.
    2250 days ago
  • BEEJAY49
    My dad told me something a long time ago when we have a loss in our lives...I've lived before without them when I didn't know them, and I'll live now that they have left. Again..one day at a time. :)
    It it were me going to the card games, I would bring my own healthy snacks and eat those. I'm sure if you told them you needed to back off the sweets, they would understand. :)
    You could probably make a nice soup out of what you have left for the rest of the month. :) I've just grabbed things left over and put them together in a pot and it usually comes out pretty good. :)
    We all have set backs in our lives from time to time, and I know you can move forward from this one! Love you! HUGS!
    2250 days ago
    I agree baby steps work! You have all the questions now find answers for yourself.
    You can do it!!
    2251 days ago
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