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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

I have a couple of running related things to go over, things that I know are probably going to seem incredibly small, but to me they are incredibly exciting.

First of all, this past Friday, I did something kind of amazing. I started out planning to do my 5KYW workout after work, then I went to work and it was crazy busy, I was on my feet for seven hours solid and I was wiped by the time the clock said my shift was over. I still told myself I was going to go home, rest for a bit, change, and head to the park for my workout, but the Rolodex of excuses was already starting to spin. As I pulled up to my house there was my brother and his girlfriend, her car had stalled and needed a jump. We got everything taken care of, we got her car running, and she got home safe, but I also lost the time I was planning to use to rest. I walked into the house and while I was washing engine grease off my hands I knew I had to make a decision, do this or don't. I got cleaned up, ran into my room, threw on my workout gear, filled up my water bottle, and headed for the park. I was exhausted, my feet and legs were killing me, but I did it, I did every last interval and even though I ran slow, I still ran. I have to admit, I was a little bit proud of myself. I worked out after work and that, my friends, is rare, but not only that, I did a HARD workout after work (one that I followed with a few upper body strength moves) and that, to my recollection, I have never done before, ever!

The second thing happened just today ( technically yesterday because it is 2AM as I am writing this), I was exhausted from a VERY long day on Sunday, my feet were hurting (correction: still are hurting) from working Sunday morning for seven hours and then making the incredibly stupid decision to wear heels to a church activity when I didn't know how long I would be in them or whether I would be able to take them off (ended up being about six hours, you should have seen how swollen my feet were when I got home)! On top of the exhaustion, I just plain didn't feel like working out; we have had a particularly hot March (today was a degree short of a record high) and I am not the biggest fan of heat, so that didn't help. Not sure exactly what got into me, but I was just sitting there, sipping some water after a mini binge, feeling nasty, and I just got it in my head that I needed to get out and clear my head. I have been going through some stuff lately and working out is one of my God given pressure valves. Plus, I really just don't want to give up on this plan, I have been so dedicated and this is something that I really want! So I decided to get into my workout gear, get dinner together, and then grab the car after my mom got home from work. When I got to the park, I was a little discouraged to see how busy it was, there were all kinds of people walking the track, flying kites, riding bikes, etc. Just for a second, that voice that always likes to beat me into the floor won out and I thought "why am I doing this?!", but as soon as I turned on my Jango app and set the station to Trip Lee (this "station" by the way, is my new favorite workout music of all time, if you don't know who Trip Lee is, look him up on YouTube, you won't regret it) and hit the pavement I felt everything melt a little. My music was blasting, my feet were holding up, and the people just sort of faded into the background. I was here for a purpose and I would see it through. BUT...the one thing I had already decided before any of this was that I was going to add another workout day to my second week, because those six intervals of one and a half minutes have been hard and I didn't feel like I was ready to add the extra interval just yet. Ok, so I am going along, my music is blasting, I am mouthing along with the words, and I am running my intervals. No short cuts, I run when it says run, I walk when it says walk. Anyway, so I keep doing my intervals and I am keeping track of my laps (the loop is a half mile) and then I think to myself (quite literally) "I must be close to done, maybe an interval or two left, but I should be almost there" so on the next walking interval I pull out my phone to check how many running intervals I have completed and I am sure that I probably made the couple walking next to me wonder a little at my sudden surprised outburst and inability to stop grinning, because next to the words INTERVALS RAN was the number 7. The one thing that I had been telling myself all day was that I could not possibly complete day six of my workout plan, I could not possibly add another interval, but not only had I finished the complete day six workout, but I actually didn't feel wiped, I mean yes, my muscles were talking, but they weren't screaming yet and I felt like I could have completed another interval or two (which I probably would have, had I not checked my phone). I don't how to describe it, but today I felt somehow like...I arrived. My body is beginning to do this, to learn this, to handle this, I AM RUNNING!! ME!! The big girl who couldn't keep up with anyone, the one who everyone always had to wait for, the one who got winded on a pleasant stroll. That same girl can now walk nearly 10 miles in a single jaunt, she can pedal out a 25 mile workout on the stationary bike, and now SHE CAN RUN!!

Something else really struck me today, let me preface this by saying that right now I am probably one of the slowest runners you will ever see in your life. There are some moments when I think I may be going so slow that I might actually be moving backwards. I mean seriously, a fast walker could probably lap me. But it brought a smile to my face today to see that I was not alone, there were some other slow runners on the track and I was rooting each and every one of them on, because I know that we are pushing ourselves, that we are doing what we have to do to get stronger and that as we get stronger we will get faster. There are some moments when I see these amazing runners just blowing around the track and I think to myself (again!) why am I even doing this! But now I try to remind myself that hey, maybe that amazing chick that is running like a cheetah started out as a turtle, maybe she even ran as slow as me, but she didn't give up. So for now I am content to continue as a turtle, to keep getting stronger, and to not give up.

I am loving the changes that I am noticing, for instance, my "recovery time" (time for my breathing to even out after a running interval) is getting shorter, my calves no longer feel like they are on fire by the end of my workouts, and my walking speed during those intervals is getting faster. I know, because I am covering more ground in less time. So I know this is working and I can't wait to see where it goes!!

Oh and on a particularly silly note, there is a new celebrity crush on the block and a blog will be coming soon. You know, one of those blogs just bursting with pictures, giddy ridiculousness, and all the silly crushing a twenty-four year old can manage in a single entry. I will also have some pics up soon of my even shorter hair! So get excited people, you have a lot to look forwards to!

God is amazing, He is good, He holds me up, and He keeps me moving!
Have a wonderful Tuesday!!

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    That is so AWESOME!!! You are amazing! You make me want to run too! emoticon emoticon
    2582 days ago
    WAY TO GO!
    2583 days ago
    I smiled the whole time reading this blog. I am so happy for you! You are amazing!
    2584 days ago
    Way to go on getting out there and running despite the setbacks!!
    2584 days ago
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