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Home Again

Monday, March 26, 2012

I am back from vacation and I am exhausted. I could barely do the exercise I did today, and its the first day in a long, long time I didn't go for a walk. But my body is very firmly telling me no, and I'm not gonna push it. Bed is likely to happen in about a half hour, if I managed to stay awake that long. Renormalizing sleep patterns is exhausting.
The road trip was a ton of fun, and although I probably ate a bit more than I should (portion control was not as controlled as at home), and a few 'junky' things (like the inside-out nachos from Jungle Jim's), having this challenge in mind and knowing that I was part of a team really did help curb a lot of potential snacking and snacking on inappropriate things. Only one handful of S&Ms (skittles and M&Ms) from Hospitality over four days, rather than handfuls of them every day - yeah, I call that a victory!
I also did swim every day in the hotel pool, and went for lovely long walks in beautiful Saint John New Brunswick - on one of those walks, I was priviledged to see harbour seals in the water, staring back and me and my friends. I definately got a lot more out of this trip than others where I stayed in my hotel room or Hospitality snacking and watching movies when not actively participating in the con.
I am home now and better able to portion and measure everything, track my water, and do proper exercise. Normalized schedules and routines are a good thing when they help you stay on track!
Thank you all for putting up with me for the four days of lackluster reporting - I am back to it full time!
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