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's Daughter

Monday, March 26, 2012

Do you remember When's-Your-Baby-Due Woman???

I met her daughter.

It was even less pleasant.


My blood pressure still feels elevated from the whole thing this morning.

When's-Your-Baby-Due's Daughter bursts into my office half an hour before the appointment that she scheduled - in other words, the time that SHE picked. Yelled at me. Informed me that I had been both undignified and unprofessional in a letter her brother received. .... I said "You mean that letter that didn't have my name on it?" meaning THE LETTER I HAD NO PART IN WRITING OR SENDING??

She yelled for a few more minutes about This and That, all things that I had no control over and that she had no knowledge of, and then stormed out the same way she came, barely letting me say a word.

Oh, I should add that she said "How long have you been here? This must be a good learning experience for you." ... Assuming that because I am young I must A) be new and B) not know what I'm doing. ((I'm new-ish to the position, but I have worked in the building for SEVEN years.))

In the three interactions I have had the displeasure of having with this woman, she has been neither DIGNIFIED nor PROFESSIONAL, even though I'm apparently the one lacking both qualities if you ask her.

What makes me even more mad is that she made me CRY in front of my BOSS. I took several minutes to calm and collect myself before I went into my boss's office to tell her what had happened and I still burst into tears the second I sat down. I'm not sure if I'm mad at her or myself for that.... BOTH.

I thought I had gotten over the whole thing. The day went on and I was fine, but now that I'm home in this quiet house, the details are replaying in my head and I'm so dang angry.

I'm going to go take out my aggression by working on the bathroom remodel upstairs and if that doesn't do the trick, I'm going to go beat up the StairMaster.

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    Take it out on the Stairmaster! Good idea!
    2237 days ago
    emoticon emoticon
    2244 days ago
  • FREES1
    sometimes all we can do is let people vent while we tell ourselves that they don't really know what they are saying... its tough to do and it will leave you feeling better as you didn't let the person get the better of you...
    I am sorry it happened to you - that you didn't react in kind shows that you are the bigger (not weight related emoticon ) person!
    2244 days ago
    sry that happened to you. ppl can be so mean without knowing the whole situation or blaming the wrong person. you did the right thing but taking out your anger by doing something else!
    2245 days ago
  • GABLE227
    Don't let her bring you down. She is the one with problems, not you. emoticon
    2245 days ago
    I'm sorry that you had to deal with that. Some people are happy making others miserable. Do not let her make you feel bad. You do not deserve that!! You're an awesome person!! I hope today was better for you!!! emoticon
    2246 days ago
    Hit the stair master or a hammer but not her...heehee! People...some people are not worth the energy and influence we allow them to have over our lives. Hope you have a better week!
    2247 days ago
    Hit the stair master or a hammer but not her...heehee! People...some people are not worth the energy and influence we allow them to have over our lives. Hope you have a better week!
    2247 days ago
    Don't let her get to you so much. She isn't worth it. Don't let evil, hurtful people beat you up. You don't deserve that and are better than that. I hope today is much more positive for you.

    2247 days ago
    I cry when I'm angry because the alternative is illegal. Really? Since when is verbal abuse professional? ARGH.
    I would love to come alongside you for this. You can beat up the stairmater and just point her out to reason.
    2247 days ago
    I cry when I'm angry too! You did great by thinking of ways to destress after such an unfair ordeal. emoticon
    2247 days ago
    do what you must but don't eat. and you don't have to take that kind of crap from anyone. if someone attacks you , fight back , verbally of course , even if this woman deserved a punch in the nose .and don't forget SHE's the one polluting the planet , not you.
    2247 days ago
    Sometimes I get so angry... I just cry... it happened to me when I was in the workplace... and it would make me even angrier that a confrontation would reduce me to tears... even if they were angry tears!! emoticon
    2247 days ago
    Ooooh, how annoying!! She just sounds like she has no idea what she's talking about. Glad you were able to vent about it here.
    2247 days ago
    Either activity sounds great and crank up some rockin' music that you like; LOUD! Unless you have others around that have to be considered. Don't give these women any more space in your head or time in your day. Tomorrow is a new day. I think you handled yourself admirably today. This was one of those times that the hardest thing to do is nothing. Sounds like meanness runs in that family. Sad. This is their problem, not yours; I'm sure your boss recognizes that. Enjoy your workouts! Hugs.
    2247 days ago
    Ughhh I hate it when I cry in front of my boss... I'm 46 (soon to be 47) and have struggled with the waterworks all my life. Age has nothing to do with it. I AM professional (as I'm sure you are) yet my frustration kicks in and the waterworks turn on. Double Ugghhh

    Way to keep your cool. Sorry you dealt with crappy people. Kick the sh*t out of the stairmaster and the remodel. Just keep the cupboard and refrigerator closed.


    2247 days ago
  • 123ELAINE456
    Go beat up the Stairmaster. Then gofor a walk looking at the Beautiful Landscapes and Flowers etc. Read a Book after that which shold be calming. Sorry about you bad day. God Bless you and Have a Wonderful Week.
    2247 days ago
    I'd say you are in a great place. I would still be chewing on my fingers trying to resist the all too familiar felling of dealing with my emotions by eating. You have already replaced a bad habit with a good one. You are GREAT, emoticon
    2247 days ago
    Go beat up the StairMaster! Grrrrr. Sorry you had such a bad encounter. Dangit, don't you hate it when you cry in front of the boss? Grrrr again. Hang in there, kiddo!
    2247 days ago
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