Slow & Steady: Changing Habits One at a Time

Monday, March 26, 2012

Wow! I can't believe I did it! I made it below my 300 goal. Now my mind would tell me, "That it isn't such a big deal, you have done this before, and besides your not losing big amounts of weight or doing anything grand!"

Well self...let me tell you a thing or two. The number one thing is I have cut fast foods out of my life. Since I have started this Final Weight Loss Journey, I have had three fast food items. One is a subway sandwich my daughter bought me, because she knew I was low on food, and we had both been very busy that particular morning. The sandwich consisted of very little meat, no cheese, lots of veggies with vinegar & oil, all on a 9 grain 6" bread.

A few weeks after that I was running behind and decided to get another similar subway sandwich, I did add the sweet onion sauce, but I knew that I would be okay, and I was.

Then one other day my daughter stopped by starbucks, as she wanted to buy herself a coffee. Knowing she was coming to my house afterwards, she also decided to buy me a grande mocha frappacino. You have to understand that before I started this journey, I used to buy a venti, at least three times a week. So to have a drink half that size was refreshing, and it was a nice treat. One that I have not had a desire to repeat on a regular basis as I did in the past, but will most likely indulge in once or twice this summer.

The thing of it is, I am learning new habits. On all the weight loss programs I have been on, I have never changed my habits. I always thought I had to bite the bullet for the moment, but when I got my weight off, I could go back to the way I used to eat. Now I know and understand that by never changing my habits, it has been my number one downfall.

I no longer stress over my food, or weight loss. I have learned new habits. I know there are certain foods that I will only be able to eat on occasion. Take for instance a week ago I was so hungry for fried chicken, so I decided to fry a couple of thighs. It satisfied my craving, and I haven't wanted any sense. But on most days, I eat low fat, low cal type meals.

The same with this past week, I wanted noodles with butter, so I had them. I didn't feel guilty over them, I enjoyed them. Now I have satisfied that desire, and probably won't eat it again for some time.

I am mastering the desire to want something, to enjoy it, but not to let it control me. I have it when I want it, but I don't over indulge, and I no longer crave it. I just desire it every great now and then, and I determine when and how I will have it, then it is over.

As I have mentioned before, I have set aside my strength training for now, because it seemed like every time I got into it, I would injure myself somehow. Causing me to have no exercise program as I had to let my injuries heal. And the injuries were not do to improperly performing the exercises, but it is because my body has already suffering from major ligament, and cartilage damaged from years past, and it is just too easy to re-damage them.

But with the spring has been kind with great weather, and so we have been walking at least twice a week, and sometimes three times a week. I know that doesn't sound like a lot to many of you, but for me, it is working right now.

I live in an area where it is not safe to walk alone. So I have to schedule walk times around my daughter. We have worked out a schedule to walk three times a week, but that often gets changed, so we try to manage at least twice a week.

Something else that is quite significant is after our last family gathering, the whole family, and all the babies got out and walked after dinner. It felt so good, and it gave so much support to all of us ladies trying to lose or keep or weight off. Their husbands supported us all, and it is a great general over all feeling.

Slow and steady is the pace. I no longer listen to my mind that tells me I am a failure if I gain a half pound, or a pound on a weekly weigh in. I know in the end it will balance out, and it will show up as a loss the next week. As an example: two weeks ago, I showed a half pound gain. Last week I showed another pound gain. But this week, I lost 4.8 pounds, and I did nothing different or special to get that weight loss. My body just balanced itself out.

I know there are all kinds of hormonal reasons why I show great loss one week, yet a small gain another week. I have stressed greatly about it in the past often resulting in even a greater weight gain, or standing still for long periods of time. Now I am learning to just accept it, not to stress or fret, and eventually I will get to the goal I am trying to reach.

So that is my game plan, Slow & Steady...Eventually I will reach all the goals I have set for myself, and I will have changed habits to ensure that it will stay off this time!

Peace and Love,
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    You have a great attitude! I wish you much success. emoticon
    1752 days ago
    Oh, sounds like you are doing great!!!! Yep. One step at a time, one change at a time and NOT beating up on ourselves for any and everything!


    2232 days ago
    Lenella--Congrats on that loss. I have the same attitude, nothing is off limits. Each day I put my food in the tracker, then run the report that will show me the fat/carb/protein balance. I tweak my remaining calories to make my day balanced.

    I know what you mean about injuries and exercising incorrectly.

    With your outlook, I know you do not need it but, Good Luck!

    2247 days ago
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