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Sunday, March 25, 2012

WARNING – Giant Blog Post!

Today I made some bad decisions. My bf and a bunch of our friends went to our alma mater to play racquetball – which I am too scared to play, too many flying objects – but I could have gone and used a treadmill or something. Instead I went to Ross and bough a few bra. Sorry to any gentlemen out there, but I am still torn if the bra buying is worse than the exercising when you are in serious need of a new one lol. But then I went to a burger joint with that bunch of friends who just spent the morning exercising. This was an unplanned food trip and a challenge. I watched everyone go before me in line, I stood and listened to them all order burgers, fries, wings, more fries, some fried things called nibblers (which I still don’t know exactly what they are?) and more burgers. My turn came and I ordered a grilled chicken salad… and a small milkshake. It just happened, that milkshake. No idea. And I sucked it down in less than two minutes – no joke. After not exercising and spending money.

Which is also a bad thing, money spending when I am low. After I got back from Ireland, I checked my bank account because I felt as if I might have spent a lot of money there. I did drop some unnecessary dough ($100 bar tab one night, anyone?) but the total in my bank account was staggeringly low. Come to find out that while we were away, some idiot was trying to wipe my account clean with my debit card number. As in, $2,500 in one store in Colorado Springs all while I was in Dublin Ireland. My bank said they flagged the fraud but didn’t shut my account down because they knew I was travelling. Luckily, I had enough buffer in my account that they didn’t clean me entirely out – but they sure tried. So I spent my first week back filing police reports and bank claims and such. I just got my new card and I can access my funds again, but it makes me so mad that someone tried to steal my hard earned cash!

Which, I believe, happened because someone hacked my computer. Today I was working from home (yes, on a Sunday, more on that later) when my computer just completely force restarted out of the blue. When it booted back up, my login had somehow ceased to work. I have never changed my login nor have I ever had issues with it before. Now I am locked out of my own computer.

In Ireland, we heard a saying almost everywhere we went. I feel like it sums up the spirit in Ireland in so few words: “It Will All Be Grand.” As in, hey – no worries – life goes on, everything will work out in the end, this is nothing in the grand scheme of things. I am trying to adopt this motto as much as possible in my life. It is so true! Everything will all be grand. Maybe not today, this week, maybe even this month, but eventually it WILL be and I WILL survive.

And now a little more about Ireland!

Our flight over was rough. There was a screaming baby who would not stop the entire six and a half hours to London. I know that planes are considered public places and that babies have issues with flying, but there were definitely other babies on the plane who had parents that seemed to care a lot more about the people around them. They forced our plane to circle London quite a few times, so we landed late. We had an hour to get from one end of Heathrow to another. We only made our connection because of a nice guy on our original flight who got there ahead of us and held the gate. We also literally RAN from one gate to the other. If you have ever been to Heathrow, you will know that the halls are LONG and meandering. Just when you think you’ve hit the end, you turn the corner and it is another long hall. It is one of the most ridiculously laid out airports I have ever seen. BF and I sat down on our connection to Dublin covered in sweat, breathing hard, and exhausted. I called it the Heathrow 5k and my bf said it felt more like a 10k. I am curious exactly how far we ran – it was crazy!

Anyways, we made it to Dublin! My friend met us at the airport and drove us home. I spent the first car ride clutching the door and trying not to spazz (they drive on the “wrong” side! It was my first time!) After dropping our stuff, we walked into town to get a Full Irish Breakfast. Poor BF and I were dozing off into it. They say you shouldn’t sleep, but my friend regulated us a one hour nap that greatly helped. We headed back out and hit Grafton Street, a pub, Gallagher’s Boxty House, and a fancy hotel bar. Our second day, we walked back into town to do some touristy things – Trinity College, their library, the Book of Kells, our first pints of Guinness, city center and Windmill Lane (where U2 used to record!). We ended the evening at a pub and then my friend cooked us an amazing vegetarian pasta dish for dinner. What I really loved about Dublin was how we could walk EVERYWHERE and see so many things!

Our third day, we had arranged for a taxi to pick us up and take us into town to meet a bus tour that left at 630am. Well, my alarm didn’t go off. I was woken up by the phone ringing and the taxi driver saying he was here. It was the fastest I have ever gotten dressed in my life! The streets of Dublin are also completely deserted at 6:30. I normally leave for my job at home at that time and encounter traffic, but life runs a bit later in Ireland! Our bus trip took us through Limerick and the countryside and took us to the Cliffs of Moher. This was INCREDIBLE. I can’t even explain the magnificence of these cliffs, with the water crashing ceaselessly against them, the birds nesting in the nooks and crannies, the green green grass being blown by the wind. We even hiked out to the “unapproved” section where the trail takes you right by the edge. It was breathtaking. After the cliffs, we ate lunch at a tiny pub in the tiny town of Doolin – which is apparently the epicenter of Irish music. We ate lunch and drank pints of Guinness at a carved wooden table by a crackling fire. Unforgettable. We drove home via the Burren, through Galway. It is a really amazing landscape of rocks and crags and the coast. At one point the bus encountered a cow in the road. And there were plenty of sheep as well!
Wednesday, we did our hop on hop off bus tour. This took us around the city – especially to the Guinness Factory. I am now certified to pour the perfect pint as I took the official class at the brewery! We had lots of Guinness that day. We also visited Jameson and saw the sights. We got changed and headed to a French restaurant that was insanely good and also expensive lol. I think I ate a whole baguette myself.

Thursday was dubbed “BONO DAY”. I am a huge U2 fan, not going to lie. We literally drove to Bono’s house. I saw his gate haha. We then drove out to County Wicklow to Glendalough. This is an abbey and graveyard from like the year 900. Incredible. There were graves there that had been there since before the USA existed as a country. We ate lunch at Powerscourt estate and then went to the Powerscourt waterfall. We headed back to Dublin to have drinks at Bono’s “Gaff” as the cabbie called The Octogon Bar at the Clarence Hotel (which U2 owns). We ate kebabs and then hit a few pubs on the way home, including the world’s smallest one! It was VERY small.

On Friday, we headed to Northern Ireland. We went to the Giant’s Causeway, which was yet another breathtaking natural formation on the coast. We went to Bushmill’s Distillery for lunch and some whiskey. Then we went on a little adventure to find the Dark Hedges in Antrim. I was so glad we found them, because I was desperate to get out of the car after the bumpy, winding, TINY Irish roads! They were so spooky and creepy and awesome! We headed home past Belfast and ate some of the most incredible pizza in my life.

Saturday was St. Paddy’s Day. In Dublin, Ireland. We awoke to the sound of churchbells, had Irish coffees at home, and then headed out into the madness. They had carnivals, parades, and an insane amount of public drunkenness. I can’t even explain it. It is one of those things that I can cross off my bucket list but I don’t think I would ever do again. I am very short and I got extremely claustrophobic in the insane drunken crowds! I also ate mcdonalds… which I NEVER do EVER at home… and only to order TWO small orders of fries – one regular and one curly – to taste the difference. Yeah, they have curly fries at McD’s there. What?! BF and I headed to a few more pubs and walked home late, in a light rain, still in amazement that we survived the day.

Sunday we said our goodbyes and did the Heathrow 5/10k again. I must have looked such a hot mess when we arrived at our connections gate because the British Airways guy asked “Madam, are you quite alright?” hahaha. We made it home to find that the weather had completed changed (spring happened?!) and everything was in bloom. I was glad to be back to my own bed and shower (ours in Ireland was electric? I didn’t like it!) The weather is SO warm here and now I am back to my lunch walks, after work runs, and trying to be better about eating.

BF and I signed up to play soccer on Saturdays from April – June. I am a little nervous, as I never really played soccer. Oh we did in high school for gym class but that was mainly me sitting on the sidelines complaining and picking grass. But I think this will be a good thing. I know there is a lot of running in soccer and I am ready for a challenge and a little competition. I joked with my BF saying “I just signed up for soccer, who am I?! I don’t know this person!” and he said “YOU are a HEALTHIER person, that’s who!”

My work hours are getting insane. This week is going to be the epitome of work hell. I have a very large project to get together this week, all while training my two temps. They are AWESOME, I really like them, and I have already recommended that my boss hire them. Since my ex-coworker left, a huge weight is off my shoulders. Sure my workload is increased and training adds lots to it, but it feels so good to finally have TEAM mates who have a lick of common sense and courtesy. Anyways – that is why I haven’t been as present on spark and why you’ve now got a giant blog here.

I am back to no fried food, and starting tomorrow, I am quitting picking my nails. It is an awful habit that I have and I need to stop. It is going to be VERY hard. I have done this and relapsed several times before. But I always want to be a better me and this has to happen!

Sorry for this insanely long post. I should have been doing a lot of other things lol. But now you know all about my life these days and how I can’t wait to see how things change in the times to come!
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Your trip sounds like so much fun! I so want to go there someday!
    Sorry you're so busy at work. I hope it slows down a bit for you. What is with people getting their accounts hacked lately?! We had someone do this to our credit card. It was a hassle getting a new one and dealing with that. We never order anything online with a debit card and will only use our credit card or paypal. I am so paranoid about this happening. People can be so awful. I had some sort of virus ruin my old computer. I don't know what the heck happened.
    Anyways, your soccer games sound fun! I think it's great you are doing that together. I bet you'll have a great time!
    2275 days ago
  • REEKU731
    So many things going on here!!! Your trip sounds amazing!! I'm so glad to hear you had a great time!!! And yes - Heathrow is one of the stupidest airports I've ever been in. It was a freakin' marathon to get from one gate to the other!!!

    I'm sorry to hear about your computer issues & the dipsh*t who stole your money!! I really hope you're able to get it worked out soon!!! Maybe reimage your computer & change the information (and all your passwords for online banking, etc) and hopefully it won't happen again!

    You're doing an awesome job getting back on track & keep it up!!
    2280 days ago
    Ireland is on my bucket list! What a brillant blog just makes me want to go more now. Sorry, about the hacking, so many mean suckky people in the world.
    You have a lot going on, stop picking your nails!

    Oh & yes that is the perfect Christmas card picture ;)
    2281 days ago

    Comment edited on: 3/27/2012 8:13:39 AM
    Your trip to Ireland sounds so amazing! I'm glad you were able to get away and have such an awesome vacation. emoticon
    2281 days ago
    Your trip sounds amazing. I am so glad you had such a good time!

    Try not to beat yourself up too badly over your poor decisions this weekend, we all have small slip-ups and as long as you didn't continue on that path, you made the right decisions after it. Make sure you don't make a habit of that, though. If you do nothing but falter and recover, your goals may never be accomplished (sorry, a little tough love. something I always need)

    I hope your work week goes okay, mine this week and next will be insane as well! Just gotta keep our eyes on the light at the end of the tunnel! Always glad to read your blogs, take care!
    2282 days ago
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