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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Oh my gosh! You guys.... I just had an AWESOME workout! I'd been hearing about zumba fitness rush, but it is for Kinect, which I don't have. I was considering buying one just to play the game when I found out that it is also available for Wii, under the name "zumba fitness 2".

I've been addicted to the same workout guru for so long, that I felt a little sneaky trying something else. The truth is, I'm not bored with Chalene at all. I still LOVE my workouts, but sparkpeople motivated me to think about the idea of VARIETY in working out. I realized that I may be working the same muscle groups over and over because I adhere so devotedly to all things Turbo.

Well... I'm here to report that zumba fitness 2 is AMAZING! AWESOME! SO MUCH FREAKING FUN!!!! I did two classes, then my little one wanted to join in and we did a few extra songs together. So much fun playing together! Then, the big one got home from swim practice, and SHE watched. She wanted to join in, but her dad nixed it - too much homework to play a game.

Still, how cool is that? BOTH daughters interested in joining me for fitness? I can see this is going to be great. I worked up a HUGE sweat, had a blast, and the sciencey side of me was quite happy with the fact that it keeps track of minutes / calories etc. What fun! I'm sitting here trying to do some work for a publishing company, and I just keep thinking "I could run down and do a quick short class..." Again I say, how cool is that?

Oh, my poor, dear turbo videos - you may not get quite as much play this week. I'm an evil, fickle vixen who has a new workout love!
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    Hey, this really sounds like fun! I'm newer to working out (a few months of jogging and ST), and I'm looking for indoor fun workout to mix it up. Which Chalene Turbo do you like? (The Turbo Fire of the Turbo Jam? She has what look like dozens of videos!)
    And we have a neglected Kinnect that my husband brought home from work one day. Maybe I'll try Zumba. Thanks for this!
    2273 days ago
    I may have to check this out! To be honest, I'm quite afraid of trying a Zumba class at the gym. There's just to many eyes that possess the ability to document me embarrassing myself. But I so dearly want to try it! I know everyone concentrates on themselves not others blah blah blah, but my perfectionistic qualities are quite strong... Especially since the dancer in me hasn't always been found easily. I did ballet for a while in junior high and high school, but I could never really get into the jazz/tap "mode". Therefore, Zumba has some serious scares that accompany it... But I still want to do it!

    It's awesome that your daughters were so willing to jump in too! I assume that means it's quite enjoyable, and I could always go for a little extra enjoyment any time! Keep the sweat going, girlie!
    2278 days ago
    I've wanted to try zumba for a while now, but new exercise classes are not my friend. I spend too much time worrying about not doing things perfectly and becoming the laughing stock of the Y/gym/yoga class that it becomes counterproductive. Silly, I know. No one else cares what I look like. They're too busy doing there own thing. But zumba I could do in my workout room...that has a lot of appeal. Even if my dancing queen of a daughter comes downstairs and laughs at me for my feeble efforts at rhythm. Not to mention balance. It sounds like fun.

    And I love finding activities that I try to sneak away from my other obligations to do. It makes exercise feel like something naughty, which makes it infinitely more enjoyable.
    2278 days ago
    I love it. I did 60 minutes of it today. It was so much fun. My favorite short class is the class 5. I can totally kick butt in that. I figured once I lose some more weight then I'll sign up for a class.

    I use mine all the time. It's a good workout and lots of fun. I love that your daughters are wanting to play it too. My son has no desire. Can't blame him he is a 14 years old boy.

    Good I'm happy you got the game. It is different from Xbox Kinect but same idea. I have another SP friend that just bought it for xbox and she has the wii won, she is having a hard time transitioning over to the xbox one.
    2280 days ago
  • CODYG123
    I got my wii zumba for christmas and with everything else going on, wii walk it out, the stationary bike, the fitbit and just walking... well, I didn't get around to trying the Zumba until a few weeks ago and now I am a true convert. Not that I'm giving up anything else, but I've added wii Zumba to the mix. Zumba is the most efficient exercise of all my movement stuff, imho. I burn 125 cals for 35 mins of wii WIO, 200 cals for 30 mins of the stationary bike, but for Zumba? a whopping 353 cals in 40 mins! Or a quick 3 songs (11 minutes) for126 cals! And, most importantly, I feel every one of those burned cals in sweat, tears and laughter. Last week I headed to the local dance store and picked up a pair of dancercise shoes... now I am so rockin it without sticking to the floor. After our spring break I'm signing up for a Zumba Gold class at the Victoria Dance Center. Also, I'm going to check out Aqua Zumba at my local pool. I don't know what hole I've been living in that I've never found Zumba until now, but I'm glad to be back in the sunshine and fresh air. Zumba On!

    2280 days ago
  • OPTIMIST1948
    Cross training is the best! I love zumba so I should try this Turbo Chalane business you speak of...
    2280 days ago
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