What a Difference! New Name for a New Life!

Saturday, March 24, 2012

The above pictures were taken in December 2010 and just recently, March 2012. I can't believe the difference. In December of 2010 I was at my highest weight ever...within a good binge of 300 lbs. I was in constant pain and my mobility was really suffering. My body was in revolt because of the load I was putting on it. I was seeing myself as a fat old lady driving my scooter around the grocery store because I was physically unable to walk. It scared me. I will NOT spend however many years I have left disabled and in pain.

So now, 40 lbs lighter, I have changed my name from "SPARKLYOLDBAG" to "KETTLEBELLJUNKY". I have turned into a kettlebell believer. I am trotting up and down stairs where just a few months ago I was holding on to the handrail with BOTH HANDS and taking one stair at a time. I am no longer in chronic and constant pain, and as I get stronger and stronger, I am actually believing that I can do WHATEVER I WANT TO DO!

That includes becoming a certified kettlebell instructor by the time I turn 54 (in November). I am going to be able to share my passion with others who are old and overweight, and believing that they will be that way the rest of their lives. That's exactly where I was, and I will NEVER be in that place again, because I am strong and powerful and getting healthier by the day. And I'm going to pull every person I can out of that place and show them what their lives CAN be like!

I am going to be fit and healthy and able to do whatever I want, even paddleboarding and zip-lining when I'm 70 years old!
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