Water Makes SUCH a Difference!

Saturday, March 24, 2012

I've always known it. I've always believed it actually, but in the winter times, I've always had a hard time living it. When I'm cold, I have to drink warm stuff (and I hate tea). I don't particularly like warm 'water' either. When I drink my water it's always with a large handful of ice in it. I just can't do that in the winter. Okay, back up... when I restarted here, I changed my eating habits and drank lots of water every day, at least 8 cups. Lost 25 pounds that month. Then real heavy duty winter cold set in, and bur, I stopped drinking water and went back to my coffee all day routine. I still stuck with the eating habit changes, and that saved me from gaining weight. I actually still lost weight, just really, really slowly--about 3 to 5 pounds a month. Now I know, I know, a pound a week is a good slow weight loss, but when you're really fat, over 300 pounds, that's ridiculous. I kept at it, plugging away, and over a 3 month period lost 20 more pounds. Good right? Not horrible--no, but still it was that 1 to 1.5 pounds a week. Just the other day the weather bounced into really high warm weather and I was able to drink all of my water again, and like it.... and the pounds are melting off. I've lost 3 pounds in 3 days. Water WORKS! I know a lot of people who say they just don't like water. Learn to love it. Sometimes it is an acquired taste. If you don't' like your tap water, try different brands of commercial bottled water (and they are all different so don't just try one. I really do love water, but I have to make myself drink it even in the cold weather. Now I just have to remind myself of this winter and I hope that will work. I still drink my morning coffee. I always have, but yay I'm back to water the rest of the day.
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    Thanks for reminding me to up my water intake!
    3256 days ago
    Dehydration can be a cause of depression as well. So there is another reason to keep topped up.

    I am the opposite though - cold water from the fridge or iced, and I can't drink it.
    I like mine straight from the tap. Room temperature. My body seems happier to scull a glass.
    And herbal tea - my favourite is lemon, but other fruit teas are great too.

    Glad you are getting some warmer weather - bonus that it means water, and weight loss!
    3257 days ago
    Wow, great insight! And well done on your weight loss.

    I probably do not drink enough pure water but I drink a LOT of tea, decaf after 5pm. I also like the sugar-free sparkling flavoured waters and sparkling water in general. Also sugar-free squash. But I hear you on the cold drinks in the cold months, I am a cold person in general so am always trying to raise my temperature!
    3257 days ago
    I was never much of a water drinker until I joined Sparkpeople. I even drink it hot which helped me get through this winter. Maintaining this winter was good and now you can get back to business. Keep up the good work!

    3261 days ago
    Good job on the losses so far. I agree, water is important for so many reasons. Keep drinking it,no matter how many times it makes you pee throughout the day!!!!
    3262 days ago
    Love my water!
    3264 days ago
    I am a believer!
    WTG on your loss!
    3265 days ago
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