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Trying again! I am rarely a QUITTER. Thanks for the encouragement.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Especially TERRI, you said BREATHE!
You reminded me in my moment of PANIC since it was so very late.
I looked at your picture and spoke out loud, THANKS TERRI.
You also said, “tomorrow is another day”.
DH went off to his class so I decided to pick up my clothes-DONE!
I am allowing myself time to think this through. When I moved my photos to the desktop they were removed not copied from PICASA, the only program I know to down load and edit pictures easily.

This morning I went to my “pictures folder” but they were not in there.
I went back to Picasa and clicked on the one I posted and it came up in Windows photo gallery.
I followed it there and I FOUND them.
Now is the hard part-how to keep them in order. The pictures will get there but the captions might be mixed up. That will give you all some BRAIN TRAINING for sure so here goes.
Coastal Maine Botanical gardens Early spring.
This is the MAIN ENTRANCE building photo taken from the POTTING shed in the “Garden of the five senses”
1.SIGHT. See the beauty.
2.SMELL. Breathe the aroma, edible flowers and herbs.
3.TASTE. Nothing is off limits.
4.LISTEN. The waterfall is flowing, birds are in the trees. Frogs are in the pond and people are talking and enjoying themselves.
5.TOUCH. Anything you WANT to touch. Kids go to the pool and can touch the polliwogs and frogs. Touch the herbs to smell the aroma or eat some leaves if you like.

The POTTING SHED in the Garden of the 5 SENSES.

The potting shed is the top building and this is the polliwog pond.
Below is a small twisted tree it's name is HARRY LAWLER's WALKING STICK, best viewed at this time of year without it's leaves.

Last year there was a big infection in the gardens involving many of the Asian Lilies. The Horticulturalists are using a small wasp to try to eradicate the Asian Lily Beetle population here.

If you can zoom you can read the sign. I will have to ask if those wasps are stingers before I take the grandkids there. I know they will read the sign and if the answer is YES it is their decision to go or not to go. I do not want to drive there. I know they will read the sign and make a fuss. Our GS is allergic to Honey bees so I had better check that out soon.

In my photo gallery I have pictures of me walking on the reflexology labyrinth. Usually there are people standing in line to walk on it in the summer. Not in the Spring though even though this was a day in the 80's a beautiful day. Notice the blue sky.

Area Sculptors have donated or loaned the Gardens pieces of Art.
This is the RESOUNDING STONE, one for the children one for the adults.

You put your head in the hole and hum and all of the sound comes right back at you!. It is such a weird experience. At first the children are fearful but after they do it they have to be dragged away from it, it's a riot .
The RESOUNDING STONE with my DH, we forget to take photos of me!

We walked around. The ponds are not yet filled, Maine will probably have snow and freezing so the aeration is not turned on till April 1st.

The gardens are free right now all the gates are open and we watched the Horticulturists at work. The Cafe is not open, it will be in April. Martha Stewart lives in her Summer home here in Maine and she often comes to functions at the Gardens and her presence is advertised so there is always a big crowd. Antiques, crafts and art shows are here. There are also live concerts, they have door charges for the concerts.
Last year there was a huge Education Center Opened and it had school functions all summer long. The children’s area is amazing again all hands on.
Almost all of the work is volunteer work, DH and I can work there but it is a long commute. The story of the Gardens is amazing I will find the link and post it for you after I get through this challenge.
As we left we noticed these very unusual crocii in bloom.

We saw the Sedum -Stonecrop, still in its winter colors.

Outside the Main Entrance this was growing. It's sign was lying flat I know we call it Scottish Heather in England.

After saying that I remembered we found a much bigger area of the heather. They call it SCOTCH heather, DH was indignant, he says, "Scotch is Whisky" it's either Scots or Scottish according to him.
He is usually correct he is supposed to be looking it up in his ENGLISH dictionary.
As we walked back to the Van I noticed some trees flowering, they had yellow leaves and I immediately thought Forsythia but these are small trees. We sought out the sign.

I had a Major PANIC here I lost my Blog. I felt the blood pressure rise. I looked every where and after a long time I went to my Spark page and it was THERE-Mistakes and all.
You might find typos I am getting very anxious.

Almost done. I would probably have a scotch if we had any liquor in the house this is hard for me especially after that little EPISODE.

I am really nervous about spellchecking this but here goes.

This was definitely hard work but I did learn a great deal from the experience. I hope you got to the end to read THANK YOU for READING my Blog---WITH PICTURES!!!
emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Pat, I seem to have missed his blog, I laughed about the 'Scotch'...your DH is quite correct.
    Scotch is Whiskey, or Whisky, (?) If you were born there you are a Scot, or Scottish.

    I loved the pics of the garden, what a lovely place....I keep my pics in Windows my documents then in the My pictures folder, then I make up folders of 'like' photos. But it can be confusing.

    Well done, anyway with the pics, computing can be very complicated, don't ever go on Facebook, man it's complicated, wish I'd never gone on it....just did it for my daughter, now she doesn't even write me there, just tells me off for something or other, that I'm supposed to be Psychic about or something!! lol

    Must go, stuff to do
    Hope you're having a Happy day


    Sylvia xx

    2260 days ago
    Great blog and pics!!!!!
    2273 days ago
    I loved the pictures. Sounds like a wonderful day there. It would be so neat to see Martha Stewart.
    2276 days ago
    Glad you didn't give up-really nice blog! Loved the photos! I love botanical gardens-such a nice place a for a walk and to enjoy the beauty all around. Don't know if I would like that resounding stone or not! emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2276 days ago
    Great blog Pat. I love to garden and I am surprised it was in the 80's in Maine at this time of year. We reached the 80's this week too. All the trees have leaves now and unfortunately the stinging caterpillars are now rising out of the ground to eat our beautiful live oak trees. I hate them but my trees are too big to spray them. Oh well, only around for a few weeks and then they are gone (moths at that point).

    Take Care,

    2276 days ago
    emoticon Congratulations for not giving up and for posting your blog with all the pictures! I really enjoyed it! I had never heard of a resounding stone before, it sounded fun!!! As did the labyrinth. And these yellow flowers on the trees... How lovely!
    Keep going, Pat, we enjoy your blogs!!! It was well worth the effort. emoticon
    2277 days ago
    You did it! And a wonderful job! Your perseverance is our reward, thanks for the hard work, Pat. I don't blame you for wanting to drink, technology does that to me too. Don't panic, you can do it now!
    These are magnificant photos. What a neat place, I'm so glad you have such a beautiful resource near you. It seems like a very special place.
    emoticon emoticon
    2277 days ago
    GREAT PICS and it looks a nice place.
    2277 days ago
    Beautiful pics! emoticon
    2277 days ago
    Love the blog!!! What an amazing place!! Good for you to learn so much. I can only imagine how stressful this was!!!! Thanks for working so hard to share it with us!
    2277 days ago
  • RD03875
    Very nice pictures, glad you figured out how to post them. It looks like a lovely place to have a walk around,.
    2277 days ago
  • TERRI289
    Beautiful Beautiful Beautiful-great blog and wonderful pictures!!
    CAn't wait to see them again with you this summer. Let's pray that gasoline doesn't get too much higher!!!!! emoticon

    Glad that I helped you breathe!!!

    2277 days ago
    Wonderful pics and stories. Thanks for sharing.

    emoticon job. emoticon emoticon emoticon from emoticon
    2277 days ago
    2277 days ago
    What gorgeous pictures! Thank you for sharing. Glad you didn't give up!!!!

    2278 days ago
    I certainly don't know how to do all of this; good for you, Pat!

    I loved the picture tour; thank you so very much!
    2278 days ago
    What beautiful pictures. I can only imagine how truly beautiful it must be in full bloom. We have a place like that not far from us, Longwood Gardens. It used to be the estate of one of the DuPont family. They hold an annual wine and jazz festival every summer as well as concerts throughout the year and their Christmas displays are on wait lists for tickets. Sorry I can't do pictures as I don't have your expertise (or even know what you are talking about) but thanks for sharing your beautiful pictures. I'm so glad you got them posted
    2278 days ago
    Glad it finally worked for you. Your friends will never mind a few mispelled words. No one is perfect no not one! :)

    Beautiful pics and such lovely descriptions of the area.

    2278 days ago
    Spectacular!! Thank you so much for sharing with us!! I am very impressed that you can find pictures and place them in your blog. That is a "still to learn" challenge.

    Enjoy your day!! emoticon Carol
    2278 days ago
    I see that you are still totally involved. Good for you. I am back.
    2278 days ago
  • SUNNY332

    Thanks for the photo tour of the gardens.

    2278 days ago
    You did it! Yay!
    Now if you can teach me how to do it.
    2278 days ago
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