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Wheat Burn

Saturday, March 24, 2012

okay, i haven't had wheat for about 2 months or so. except a couple times when i had a sandwich. both those times i got heartburn.

so, today, i will tell you while it's fresh, that i once again ended up eating wheat. i had a subway sub on whole wheat. within 30 minutes i had heartburn and within 2 hours i got stomach cramps that lasted for about 20 minutes. i still have heartburn 10.5 hours later even though i took a pill.

i used to get heartburn fairly regularly, but, since january, these 3 times are the only times i have had heartburn.

oh, and i was starving less than 2 hours after eating a 6 inch sub. that's not right at all.

there's definitely something to this wheat belly thing!
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    Now that we have mass produced wheat and changed the composition ( more protein in the grain,resistant to disease) more and more people are wheat intolerant.
    Coincidence? I think not!
    2703 days ago
    What a hard and unpleasant lesson.

    My reactions tend to be what I call "carb sickness"; I almost never have heartburn, but if I eat too many carbs, I get terrible "fermentation" issues. It's SO unpleasant ... many times to the point of pain and I dare not even try to lie down to sleep. I have to stay vertical to let the "fermentation products" back out. (TMI)

    I hate those lessons ... but I have to say they're good for me, because it helps me reorient my eating, and I've been able to -at last- break my craving for rice. The last go-round was IT. Now, I look at rice and don't get the salivary rush and comfort-food craving. What I get now is a twist in my gut and immediate aversion. Beats the previous reaction by a mile.

    I'm so sorry you had to get a dietary warning. Hopefully it will help you keep out of sub shops! LOL You're definitely right about the hunger right afterwards, too. Eat some bacon! That will satisfy you longer.
    2704 days ago
    This is becoming more common as people become more aware. My SIL has gluten intolerance, we are all learning along with him. His Doctor started him on a very limited diet and they would add one food at a time to see how well he could tolerate it. Poor guy, he has lost weight and is to thin. They are so dedicated to taking this one food at a time! This was very difficult for him because if he eats the wrong thing he gets really very ill. All the worst symptoms of IBS, wheat belly, etc.

    I hope you find the answers you need to get your food issues figured out and are able to alleviate your symptoms.

    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2705 days ago
    Amazing, isn't it? Haven't had heartburn since June 28 when I ditched the carbs. Even fruit used to give me trouble, which is why I rarely ate it. Veggies are no problem.
    2706 days ago
    The really good news is the direct correlation. Sometimes the cause of symptoms can be elusively hard track down - looks like you have a pretty good idea what caused the burn.
    2706 days ago
    I'm sorry you had to learn that lesson the hard way. Yikes. I hate to think how many carbs I used to eat in a normal day before I started keeping track of them after reading Wheat Belly. I must have an iron stomach. I've never gotten heartburn or the IBS effects that many get; cramps, diarrhea, etc. No, I just got morbidly obese and diabetic. But I am determined that that's going to be my past and NOT my future. From all the stories I've read on the WB FB page, wheat doesn't seem to be something you can cut back on and have now and then. Once you quit, the effects of eating it again are dramatic and unpleasant.
    2706 days ago
    Sorry you are dealing with the wheatburn. I did not even realize that since I've stopped eating wheat I did not have any heartburn.
    It is frustrating that most restaurants have no options for low-carb eating, although some at least offer gluten-free dishes now. I'm getting a lot better about keeping snacks in the car that can serve as a meal replacement if necessary. Nuts and seeds are great, hard-boiled eggs keep for quite a while in the shell, plain full-fat yogurt, beef jerky are all good options. emoticon
    2706 days ago
  • GLC2009
    just looked up the nutritionals for the sub. it has 46 g carbs, 5 g fibre, so 41 net grams of carbs. but, the sodium, OMG, 1530 mg!! and 430 calories.

    anyway, i still have heartburn and i am going to read some more 'wheat belly' and go to bed.
    2706 days ago
  • REDSHOES2011
    The daily recommendation of complex carbs per meal is only 30 grams.. A 6 inch sub weighs in at 10 times the amount of bread recommended for daily consumption.. It will give most people a belly ache..

    2706 days ago

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