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Copper Line

Friday, March 23, 2012

I made my first solo attempts with the Art Clay Copper last night.
(Which, if you were paying attention to yesterday’s post, means I didn’t work out.)
I didn’t do a FANTASTIC job; I used a texture pattern I’d ordered, hoping that the channels in it would be deep enough to use for epoxy claying crystals into; in reality, not so much. If I want channels, I’m going to have to dig them myself. One came out pretty well, even with me attempting to deepen the channels; the other one, not so much. Not sure why, other than it was the second piece, it was a little dryer than the first piece, and I just barely had enough to do what I wanted to do. Then after they’d dried, and I’d messed with the channels, I drilled (with a file) a hole through each so that I could put an earwire through them; one went perfectly, the other one cracked open. I was able to glue it back together... I think... but I’m not sure how well it’s going to fire. We’ll have to see.
I do not currently have the place appropriately set up to fire the clay. When I say this, I mean that the kitchen counter is currently too covered with crap. The thought occurs that I COULD fire on the dining room table, which is significantly larger and more convenient, but it’s located pretty much DIRECTLY under the smoke detector. Given that the clay DOES give off a bit of smoke when it fires, this seems counterintuitive. Maybe if I have a fan really close by? The kitchen counter is close to a window, but... OK, this is the crazy person talking, but I don’t want to open it. That’s how the mystery bug from the kitchen light fixture got in.
Why oh why did I have to have a hobby that creates smoke and fumes? Why?
Can’t I just skip this whole torch-firing step and go straight to the kiln? Y’know, that thing that creates thousands of degree temperatures and will readily burn my house down?
I so have the wrong hobby. *sigh*
I think I’m going to go with the nearby fan option, and hope for the best.
I’ve also read that the smart thing to do, for your first torch firing, is to fire the heck out of a small ball of clay, just so you know what it looks like when you’re overfiring (and, subsequently, melting) your piece. Better to do that with something you don’t care about than something you slaved over, right?
Man, I’m scared of this stuff! LOL!
I kind of want to make something I like better than I do what I made yesterday, before I get to the actual firing step. Because to go through all that trouble, just to end up with something I’m not actually going to LIKE that much...? Hmm. Something to think about. Of course, it’s really just a way of delaying the inevitable; actually firing the bloody things. But I think I WILL go ahead and do that. Now that I’ve done it, I think I have a pretty good idea of what I want to do. And I just did ovals yesterday, because it was my first try. But what I WANT to do is one of the hearts. With either the plume or the grapevine texture. Probably plume. :-)

In other news....

Near as I can tell, I’m back at square 1 with the reflux. I’m thinking of starting up with the Carafate syrup again, seeing if that helps any. Goodness knows I have enough of it; I might as well see if it can actually help me. I just wish the dosing instructions on it weren’t so picky. 1 hours before eating or two hours after, 2 hours after taking any medications, etc. etc. Basically, the only time I was ever able to consistently take it even once a day (instead of the 4 times a day I was prescribed) was by setting an alarm for 2 hours after I went to bed! Not fun. But if it means I’ll start feeling better and can sleep in a normal position again... why not?
In the meantime... sleeping propped up on pillows is no fun, but at least it’s helping. I’m looking into bed wedges, but money is extremely tight just at the moment, so it’s gonna have to wait a bit.
Currently, there’s a front pushing into central NJ, so I pretty much want to curl into a ball until it’s all over and the pain in my head, neck and shoulders stops. And I’m hormonal, and bored, so while I do that, I want to eat... EVERYTHING. I haven’t done anything naughty yet, but I so want to.
OK, now I have; I ate a Glutino bar again. I should never have brought in the, “Oh, no, I forgot my snack,” emergency box of Glutino bars! It’s turning out to be less of an emergency, more of an, “I’m hungry and I have food! YIPPEE!” thing.

This day is really freaking long!
OK, folks. I need to find something else to do for this last half-hour, if for no other reason than I have officially run out of things to complain about.
Thanks again for being there for me yesterday. It helped immensely, just knowing you were there and you cared.
Have a great rest of the day, and if I don’t talk to you, weekend, too. If I burn the house down, I’ll endeavor to update my SP status to reflect that. ;-)
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