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Nutrition vs. exercise

Friday, March 23, 2012

I'm feeling compelled to write about this because I feel like it is always brushed people's lives and even here on Spark.

People focus on exercise as the be all and end all of losing weight....and the guilt that accompanies one's MISSING exercise can be mentally crippling and disheartening and since they aren't working out - well then, they think they WON't lose the weight.

Enough already.

Exercise IS important.

Moving your body IS important.

BUT it is ALSO a variable....which means, depending on your life, your health, your mindset, your situation in life, your family (another variable)....this can go up and down in intensity or become non-existent at all!

In order to lose weight - their must be a calorie deficit going on. ..which makes ???WHAT???? the constant factor now??? Every day....until the day you die??



Think about it. If you eat better, if you TRACK your nutrition to actually SEE, on paper or on computer screen, what you are consuming - even if you are in a somewhat sedentary will most likely lose weight.

Nutrition is your constant, every day thing. You HAVE to eat to survive.

Make the conscious choice to change your eating habits today if you are not.

Make the conscious choice to actually TRY the Spark People Nutrition Tracker and GIVE IT A CHANCE...even though you think it takes too much time to do (guess what? in time, practice makes perfect and lessens the amount of time the more you do it.)

emoticon I'm begging you. Listen to me...

I have tracked for 4 years straight....I do NOT exercise every single day....I have lulls with exercise but I have educated myself on makes a world of difference.


Nutrition = constant
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Thanks Annie. You know your stuff - and I appreciate that you're really talking about a moderate approach - this makes so much sense!

    I'm more in touch with how food affects me these days, as opposed to only counting calories. I can feel it, and choosing to feel good is one of the things I'm focusing on.

    2244 days ago
    I once had a trainer tell me this and the light bulb went off in my head and that's the first time I started losing weight....awesome advice! I am def not an exercise guru and really don't like and hardly have time to exercise esp since I have my 3 yr old with me all the time and work the other time, but I do it when I want and just try to make healthy choices with my eating! My newest discovery I found is eating lots of small meals a day...then I never sit down and eat a huge meal, but I am never hungry! Even when I go out to eat with my hubby, I have to bring almost all my food home for later because now I get full so fast! I also think I revved up my metabolism doing this! YAY!
    2246 days ago
    You go girl emoticon . You speak nothing but the truth it all goes hand in hand. I am tracking every bit,lick and taste and as you know my movement is limited for now but I proved to my self I can still make that scale move with making healthy food choices.

    2251 days ago
    my wise husband always said that 80% nutrition - 20% exercise so I have been thinking more an more about it since for now I can't workout as much because my knee.

    Thanks for the reminder and confirmation emoticon
    2253 days ago
    I agree with you to a point. I certainly gain when my nutrition is lacking. No question about that. Not just calories, but breakdown of nutrients and levels of sodium, etc. I can be in range, but be out of balance on carbs and protein, and have a gain on the scale. And if sodium is much above 1,000mg, I can definitely expect a gain the next day that takes days to work itself out.

    However, I also gain when nutrition is nearly perfect but exercise is lacking. Moreover, when my exercise is lacking, I am also under more stress, which leads to the lack of time for exercise. So, is it the lack of exercise or the stress?
    2253 days ago
    I have a favorite saying...."You can't work off a bad diet"
    2253 days ago
    It is so true!!! I wish I were consistently better about it!
    2253 days ago
    Bad nutrition choices can't be fixed by exercise.
    2253 days ago
    I agree with you and I believe that weight loss is an 80- 20 percentage as many people say. (80% nutrition - 20% exercise) I tried to lose weight by exercising consistently for two years. Guess what? Nothing happened! When I finally decided to devote time on starting to use the Nutrition tracker, the scale started moving. But exercise is still a very important factor for me. It works as a great motivator. When I exercise, I feel like I want to eat the right things and not just stay within calorie range. But that's just how it works for me.
    Nice blog with great advice!
    2254 days ago
    My focus right now is my nutrition, with whatever exercise I can fit in (which i procrastinate a lot)but I try to watch what i'm eating and I log everything. Great Post!!
    2254 days ago
  • BOB240
    Interesting view, on this site I think nutrition is presented best. If anything it is over emphasised. Good cardio vascular performance and strength are very necessary for a long and healthy life. There is little point in being skinny if your bodyfat is 30% - you are just as prone to some obesity and age related diseases. The bigger problem with being "skinny fit", a condition which almost invariably arises through focussing on diet, is that because you look good.. you think you are healthy..

    Of some concern is the calories by calorie breakdown of some terrific recipes here and yet, although I have dug deep, I have yet to find an exercise routine that sensibly addresses long term goals both in weight loss and long term health benefits. Walking on a treadmill for an hour just doesn't cut it...:)
    2254 days ago

    Comment edited on: 3/23/2012 9:44:25 AM
    You normally can't exercise enough to compensate for a poor diet but many people truly try
    2254 days ago
    GREAT BLOG and advice.
    2254 days ago
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