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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Adrenal Insufficiency!! Woo!!

I guess it's a little weird to be excited about this, but it feels REALLY good to finally have a diagnosis/explanation!!

Long story short, I did a 24 hour saliva test for this about a month ago. It involved swabbing my spit every 2 hours for a day (only during waking hours) and putting it in a little tube in the fridge. Completely uncomplicated, though gross. I took the little tubes to the lab the next day...done. I got the call this afternoon from my doc...I'm not in full failure (thank God), but I do have super elevated levels of cortisol in my system all day long. Quick tutorial for those who don't know..."normal" function is to have a spike first thing in the morning, then have lowered levels throughout the day...and mine apparently is spiked all day long.

Symptoms of adrenal fatigue (include but are not limited to--these are just the ones I have):
low blood pressure
poor tolerance of cold/heat
frequent/constant thirst
weak appetite
weight gain
abdominal fat
sugar sweet cravings
chronic fatigue for over three months
slow recovery from colds
high sensitivity to bright light
history of infections
low body temp
frequent colds/flus
badly affected by flus
adverse reaction to stress
hot flashes during TOM
difficulty conceiving children
regular sore throats
broken sleep
dry skin
cold hands feet

There are more, but I'm tired of typing them. :)

The problem with this list is that these symptoms describe MANY health conditions. Insulin resistance, thyroid disorders, depression, CFD, etc. I've had these symptoms for many years, taken about a million tests, and I've always been told to lose weight. Because as we all know, it just takes a magic wand to do so, right? (SARCASM!!) I finally broke down and paid the $400 for this test (insurance does not cover it of course) because I'm just tired of dealing with the symptoms. I'm REALLY happy that it was not a wasted $400!!

For now, I've decided to go the homeopathic route for treatment. There are a bunch of prescription meds that I can take for this, but to be honest...I really don't like taking official "medicine". Too many side effects. So I always try to go the "natural" route first. Thankfully, my current doc shares my mindset of mixing homeopathic and conventional medicine or she probably wouldn't have even recommended getting the test done! Anyhow...I've got a couple of supplements now to take everyday to try to yoke my adrenal function back in line. She (my doc) said that she's seen a lot of success with this route in other patients and HERSELF (she was suffering from this for years), so I'm hopeful!

In the very least I'm really happy because it has solved the "why am I having a 4 month plateau" mystery!!

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Looking forward to hearing about the successes.
    This also sounds very much like stress and recently SP has been an ADDED stress to an already very stressful life. Hopefully going back to 'square one' will also help in this quest to get your body into a more balanced position.
    2614 days ago
    So glad you got some answers!
    2615 days ago
    Glad you got some answers!
    2616 days ago
    So glad you have some answers, a diagnosis, and a workable plan. I hope that all moves in positive a direction for you. emoticon
    2618 days ago
    I take 2 homeopathic is adrenasense...the other is adrenal pro...I have had success with both although the lady in the health food store said she finds adrenal pro to be much more effective...I hope this diagnosis and treatment solves your mystery

    2618 days ago
    You will have to keep us posted. Unfortunately, I have many of those symptoms myself. I have always had a naturally low body temp when I take it with a thermometer but am viciously hot all the time - that's the reason I like winter!

    2619 days ago
    So glad you have a smart Doctor!!

    I hope this helps you!
    2619 days ago
    I suffered from adrenal fatigue as well... If it helps you any to know, I was able to overcome it without medication and am doing much better now (normal cortisol levels now). I know you can overcome it... my advice is to be careful with any cardio above your aerobic range for a few weeks, and get your sleep on hardcore.. good luck. emoticon
    2619 days ago
  • JESSICA2140
    Starting with Adren-All (brand name, compounded) and DHEA supplements. The other good news is that all of the nutritional stuff I've been white carbs, pairing protein with carbs, protein every meal, etc...are all things that you are supposed to do to support the healing of the adrenal glands!
    2619 days ago
  • JANDK156
    What are you taking? I can beat your 4 month plateau... ;)
    2619 days ago
    Good luck with your homeopathic remedies! It's nice when you have a name to put on what's standing in your way, huh? Now you can tackle it head on! Keep us posted on how it goes.
    2619 days ago
    I'm glad you finally have a diagnosis!
    Good luck on your homeopathic treatment.
    2619 days ago
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