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A Lesson in Bliss

Thursday, March 22, 2012

We were desperate to get out of the house this weekend, and my toddler really needed to burn off some energy. The weather was gorgeous, so we loaded up our daughter and took her to the park – one of her favorite places ever. There was a lot of build-up on the way as we talked about all the fun stuff we were going to do…swing, go down the slide, try out her new kite. (She was really pumped about that.)

I carried her to the middle of a huge field, and my husband was all geared up to teach her how to fly her kite. I put her down, but before we could say a word, she just took off. As I watched her run, I noticed it wasn’t a hyperactive, wild-child, frantic run. It was an “OMG, I can’t believe I have this much space to move my body, and MAN, do I feel so free” kind of run. And as she was running, I swear she actually cried out “Wheeeeeee!”

After a while, we corralled her back to show her the kite. She held the string, her kite wobbling behind her. She walked with it for a few steps, dropped it, and broke out into a run again. We rounded her back up. This pattern repeated a few times before we finally gave up. No kite, no swings, no slide. Just a wide open space and a little body ready to cover a lot of ground. Who were we to harness such pure, unbridled bliss?

That moment is forever captured in my memory, and it reminds me to look for the simple pleasures in life that make me want to cry out: “Wheeeeeee!”
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