CrossFit Week 3

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

CrossFit Week 3
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  • SNWALKER1015
    You guys are amazing!!! I'm going to look into all those links for sure! And I think starting April 1st will be a good starting point. :)

    This is reason I keep going in my fitness and health because I have suc h awesome support here. I m truly grateful for all of you. Xoxo.

    Btw I will be posting a vlog tonight or tomorrow about being supportive oppose to a "hater "
    2256 days ago
    I did C25K too and loved it! They also have a 10K program. I have an iPhone and there is a great app you can get that will tell you when to run and when to walk. Not sure if you have an iPhone or iPod, but if so, it's definitely worth the $2!

    I started CF last August and running while CrossFitting was really hard at first because of how sore you get! I promise you it will get better though! There are still WODs that make me pretty sore, but it's nothing like those first few weeks! Just take it slow and do what's comfortable. I played basketball in high school so I was pretty much used to just sprints too, so another tip I have is don't be afraid to run slowly! When I first started C25K I was kind of sprinting all the runs and learned really quickly that's not the way to go. Work on endurance first, then speed! Hope that helps :)
    2256 days ago
    A lot of people are all about the C25K program...and if the first few steps of it are too easy just skip them and start at a level that suits you. Obviously that's only for a 5K, but if might get you on the right track...or it looks like some other people made some great suggestions - I'm sure a little googling would come up with something.

    You've already run a Warrior Dash so I don't need to tell you this, but if yours was anything like mine there was a lot of hiking/walking and also waiting at some of the obstacles - I have no doubt that this will be a similar situation at the Tough Mudder. It seems like a lot less about 'running' and a lot more about 'endurance' if that makes sense - so Crossfit is TOTALLY going to help you with the endurance part. Being able to run it is of course going to help you but I don't think it is as essential as you might think since you won't be continuously running - I always tell people who want to train for the WD that the best way is to get on the elliptical with it on the highest incline and the highest resistance because that is MUCH more what it's like than running on a road.

    Anyhoo - keep up the good work. Ignore these haters. The soreness will start to go away - your body is obviously going to go through an adjustment period...of course you're going to be sore, you're doing things you've never done before....despite being in pretty good shape - if I went and took a ballet class I'd probably be terribly sore because it's movements that I don't EVER do. Glad to hear that your foot is feeling better :)
    2256 days ago

    Talk to the CrossFit coach about your goal. They may be able to advise you about integrating run training with your CrossFit schedule. You'd still do the WODs on the same schedule, but they could advise when to run, walk or rest.

    Other SparkPeople talk about Couch to 5K program
    It's a 9 week program. If you started by April 1, you'd complete the program by June 3. There's also a Couch to 5K SparkPeople Team you could join.

    You'd have 12 weeks to train for a 10 K after that.
    There are assorted plans you can choose from at at Runner's World. You'll have to create a log in for the free account.


    One tool available through is SmartCoach

    You can create a customized training plan based on your run time, (If you've never done a race, then just enter your one-mile time), date of your goal, desired training intensity.

    Another thing to keep in mind is that you will get stronger and faster as a runner with CrossFit even if you don't run much during your CrossFit workouts. I've experienced improvements myself. I've read accounts of CrossFitters who do marathons and Ironman Triathalons, without training for those races. In some cases, they do that to prove the point that CrossFit IS FIT!

    Thanks for sharing your journey getting started with CrossFit.

    2256 days ago
    Glad to hear you foot is healed. I hope you had a great class.

    For my half training I've used Hal Higdon's method and it's worked well for me. If you google him, you can find the workouts online. You will totally be ready for the Mudder!

    I still have DOMS like crazy from my Tuesdasy class.

    Have a great rest of your week!
    2257 days ago
  • CHARLES2121
    I started Cross fitting a month ago, Only about 2 days or so. I ususally do main site because i have all the equipment at home so i can just do the workouts myself. I Have even been doing the cross fit open workouts and those are super intense. good luck with tough mudder, i was going to do it in November but i couldn't do a pull up at the time so i would have just been handing them the money to embarrass myself. Anyway, Goodluck!
    2257 days ago
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