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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Things have been going pretty well lately.
I can see some progress - mainly in my positive attitude, and reaching most of my goals, exercising every day, changing my eating habits quite a lot..

But, who am I kidding? I haven't lost any weight. I try to put on a happy face and look at things positively, but it can keep me going only so far...The one thing that I really want is to actually LOSE WEIGHT. I'm tired of being happy about small steps. Time for small steps has passed.
Don't get me wrong, I'm not surprised or anything, I've got only myself to blame for this.
Why? Because I sabotage all of my efforts...

How? I'm not even sure how it comes to that, but I eat junk food in the evening, not every evening, but every once in a while. Once, my dh wanted cheeseburgers and I didn't even fight it. The second night, I had a craving for something from the bakery, next night, at the very mention of sandwiches, I gave in and ordered a huge sandwich. These are all 700-1000 kcal meals, so I always pass my kcal range. It doesn't happen every night, but 1 night with this food is enough for all of my efforts from the several previous nights to be ruined. I'm determined the whole time, and then it just happens, I don't plan for it..

Anyway, the problem is identified, the reason why I'm not losing weight in spite of exercising, not eating after 8 PM, avoiding sweets and eating 1 serving.As you can imagine, eating 1 portion of junk food at 7 PM every couple of nights just ruins everything.

Heard all the advice, tried all the tricks, but in vain..All that remains is regroup, and try harder.
The weight won't come off on its own. If I ant to see wight loss, I'll have to try harder.
The battle is in the kitchen...
...especially in the evening... emoticon
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    Mozes ti to! Ovo s pola gore je dobra ideja za početak - ali teska za usvojit. No moze se! Motivacija je kljuc, iako ako si naucila odmarat se uz hranu (sto je meni vrlo poznat koncept) onda bi to trebalo posvijestit svaki puta i oddiskutirati i eventualno naci neki zadovoljavajuc drugi nacin relaksacije.

    Meni je pomoglo zapisivanje svih stvari koje jedem (pa sam onda umjesto jedenja išla upisivat što sam sve jela taj dan, pa me prošla glad)...

    Evo zelim ti uspjeha. A i blogganje koristi. emoticon
    3335 days ago

    Hang in there!

    Do you have access that you could track the food BEFORE you eat it? Sometimes having that accountability where we have to see what it would do to our numbers can give us that little bit of extra motivation to choose better. Similarly, if you learn the calorie numbers for things you love and tend to eat like that - then figure out how many minutes extra you'd have to work out to burn that, sometimes that number can make an impact.

    Also, it can be rather difficult for some, but HALF a cheeseburger, a small sandwich or HALF a sandwich, can be a lot less damage to our efforts while still giving us. To do this most successfully, cut it in half immediately before taking even a bite, and toss the bigger-looking half out. (Don't toss it in a carton - put it right into the trash so there's no temptation to salvage it later.) Yes, the "OMG WASTED FOOD" mindset can crop up, but ask yourself - would you rather WASTE it or WAIST it? Which is more important - not wasting food or not wasting your body?
    3338 days ago
    oh boy, been there, done that. this is nothing new to sparkies!

    there's really only one thing that works. decide to do it, and do it. just 'set yourself' to eating less. don't cut things out, that'S where these binge attacks come from, but you could reduce it to half a sandwich, hey you speak german, you know 'fdh', right?

    as for chewing gum, i find that-- and talking a lot!-- tend to increase appetite, gets your juices running! but you could try this trick: chew your water, no kidding!
    3339 days ago
    You have identified where you struggle. Now, make a plan to deal with those times. You can do it. I believe in you!
    3339 days ago
    I know how hard that is...especially when you have a buddy who will eat with you! I have been chewing TONS of gum so my mouth stays busy and I won't eat! I know you can do it because it sounds like your mind is made up....good for you!
    3339 days ago
  • CANDOK1260
    You can do this it take timeh emoticon
    3339 days ago
  • CANDOK1260
    You can do this it take timeh emoticon
    3339 days ago
  • CANDOK1260
    You can do this it take timeh emoticon
    3339 days ago
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