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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

One of the things that I like about the Flab Fighters class that I attend at the Fitness Studio is the variety of the exercise that I get. Like I said in my Saturday March 17 blog is that I can go to the class 5 or more times per week and still get a different work out every single class! Love that!

For Christmas, I asked for a GymBoss interval timer and I got it. This tool is a nifty little gadget where you can time intervals with time in between. So, say you want to do every exercise for a minute with 30 seconds in between? You can do that up to 99 intervals!! Is that so cool?

I'm a creature of habit, I like my comfortable exercises, I like to do the things I'm good at, that will make me stronger, right? Not exactly the best way to get strong. So, how can I get the benefit of the diversity of a class, utilize a great tool like a GymBoss (did I mention mine is pink!?) and still work out at home?

One of the crazy things that Kim likes to do in Flab Fighter class is bring in a deck of cards in, each person would choose 3 cards, the numbers added together is the number of that particular move or exercise the class would 'get' to do.

Here's the plan, I have cards, about the size of business cards and on the back of each I have written a different exercise, things like; planks, bicep curls, flutter kicks, crunches, one arm push ups, etc. Set the GymBoss for one minute and 30 seconds of rest, during the 30 seconds of rest, choose a card for the next minute of exercise, perform the move for a minute then choose again in the next 30 second rest. Do this until I'm thoroughly exhausted!

Ok, so maybe set a number of intervals :) Every workout is different :) All I have to do is shuffle the cards and begin again! I really think I Like this idea. I'm getting the cards ready and as soon as get rid of this sinus infection, I'm going to try this out!

I'm interested in any ideas and thoughts that this provoked! So please share them with me! Thanks!
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    That sounds like an excellent idea!
    2219 days ago
    I think that card idea is great. I know I have certain exercises that I just don't like so if I do those cards then I'll have "no choice" it's on the card and I do it.

    The only thing I would adapt is putting them in sets so I work my upper body one day and my legs the next and make sure I get the cardio in which I think your system does.

    Thanks for sharing that.


    2222 days ago
    That is an emoticon idea! What a way to mix it up.
    2223 days ago
    By the way...the GymBoss is an interval timer and can be used as a stopwatch. You can get them on line at and they are under $20. And did I mention they come in PINK!?!?!
    2223 days ago
    going to class AND exercising at home? I'm impressed!
    2224 days ago
    Sounds like a good plan to Me! Rock on!!!!!
    2224 days ago
    Sounds like a great idea!
    2224 days ago
  • _LINDA
    Changing up your routine is critical in not hitting a plateau, and it also keeps it interesting. Great idea with the cards and the technology! All the best with it!!
    2224 days ago
    Sounds like a great way to keep the workout from being boring
    2224 days ago
    What a wonderful idea.
    2224 days ago
    Don't have a gymboss . . . but this sounds like a great concept. I'm all about variety in salads, soups . . . and have to say, not so much in fitness (tend to stick to elliptical for cardio, although I have quite a number of different ST routines that I change up).
    2224 days ago
  • NEPTUNE1939
    Sounds like an interesting way to have variety to avoid plateaus. I have several routines I use in bodybuilding but you have to stay with the program for four to 8 weeks. When a plateau is reached you change up.

    Recognize though that muscle groups need time to rest "IF" your goal is to increase muscle strength which increases one's metabolism. Five days a week in this case could be a bit much if your exercises are intense. With my program I do strength training on Mon, Tue, Thr,Fri, with rest days on Tue, Sat, and Sun. I do moderate cardio on rest days and walk 30 Minutes every day. Hope this helps, Earl
    2224 days ago
    So I am a little behind emoticon but I have no idea about the gymboss, but by the comment I realize it's a time but where can I get one? Good idea.
    2224 days ago
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