Want To Be A Runner? Run.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

I've been trying to decide if I'm going to run Bolder Boulder

travel commitments earlier that week and the thought of so many people 50K+ makes me a bit nervous - but I'm starting to think those are just excuses I've been giving myself

10K (or 6.2 miles) is not much - I walked a 10K last year (in the freezing rain) and it wasn't a big deal (as far as stress on my body)

and as far as waves, I'm not going to put myself in a qualifying one - in fact, I think I'll probably stick with a jog/walk wave in the 90-100 range just so I don't put added pressure on myself

yesterday I was about 50/50 as to whether I was going to sign-up

today I'm at 80/20 to the sign-up positive

what changed?

this October the college in my community is sponsoring a marathon (full & half) - what has me so excited is that the path of the marathon will run along part of the Oregon Trail which is a road I drive often to clear my head, and which I would love to run except that the road isn't very wide and visibility and traffic aren't the best in spots

it would be an opportunity to meet my personal goal of running my first half marathon by 2014, and would set me up great for running my first marathon by age 45, while getting to run a path that inspires me

but here's the thing - there is no 5K or 10K attached to this Marathon - it is full, half or nothing

the Monument Marathon is in October, but Bolder Boulder is just 69 days away - the distance of a 10K is about half way to a half, and if I start now, I could be running that half by October - and the 10K will give me a good gauge if I think I can tackle the half

I've never forgotten something my husband said to me once about writing - 'if you want to be a writer, write'

well, if you want to be a runner, run

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