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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

So when we last left our intrepid would-be marathoners, they'd been sidelined by sickness for a week. Happily by last Wednesday I was feeling MUCHMUCHMUCH better and was ready to tackle more hills! Unhappily, my daughter was scheduled to work until 5:30 PM, and between one delay and another there was just NO way we were going to make it across town in rush hour traffic to meet up with the group on time.

What did we do? Did we scrap it for another day? Did we just knock it out on the treadmill at the gym? NO - we found our OWN hills! Because we live in PRICE HILL, suckas. It's called that for REASONS! LOL So I introduced my daughter to my usual "neighborhood 5K" route, except we added an extra leg that meant we actually did 4 1/2 miles. And it was fun, felt good, and my daughter had an apostrophe'! (Oh, that's "epiphany" for the non-Hook savvy - Hook being the movie starring Robin Williams and Dustin Hoffman, and one of my all time favorites.) She ran and didn't get winded! She ran and was able to talk through the running! How fricken' cool is that? SO PROUD OF MY GIRL!

(Oh wait, I'm getting ahead of myself with that photo...that was from Saturday, but still SO PROUD! It'll do. LOL)

SO, Saturday! Yes, we FINALLY made it back to the group!! Except that most of the group was doing the half marathon at the Heart Mini on Sunday, so the only people there were 2 coaches Rich & Karen, 2 other walkers and us. The only REAL problem with that was the fact I needed to see if there was anyone in the group who could give my daughter a ride next week while we're in Atlanta...and most of the group wasn't there (happily Rich offered to mention it in his weekly training e-mail, which went out yesterday and he DID, so here's hoping somebody raises a hand).

It actually turned out to be a STELLAR session anyway. First of all, we were pretty much on our own - the only coach on the course with us was Karen, and she's FAST (as were the two other people walking that day). Rich is still recovering from an injury and hasn't been cleared to do 13 miles yet, so instead of taking the meandering route from the Warehouse to the Running Spot he'd plotted for us, he took the direct route to meet us when we got there (it was an out and back, with The Spot as the halfway point), and then took the direct route back. The cool thing about that? We actually managed to keep Karen and the other two walkers in sight for probably the first 4 miles or so! We were keeping up! And when we stopped for water at the UDF in Mt. Lookout, one of the other 2 walkers was just leaving and Karen was there taking a potty break! So yeah, I think we did REALLY well on our own in terms of pacing. And it was nice being able to run whenver we wanted - when the walking coaches are sticking to us we tend to stick to walking, but I have EVERY intention of hedging our bets during the actual marathon with running (YES, I know that since the Pig has a walking division we can't run at all if we register as walkers - we have it all planned out and will be registering as runners, albeit SLOW runners, but runners).

So we spent St. Patrick's Day wandering around Mt. Lookout - one of my favorite neighborhoods (the Redmoor is there, where we saw Mike Doughty play last month, along with the original game store in town, Boardwalk). Here, have some pictures!

First of all, here's the route we took:

SPRING! I saw my first redbuds of the year!

Turning from Delta Avenue to Linwood - I attempted to take a shot of the Redmoor, but the building signs are blurry. You can see my daughter in her new work out clothes though!

THIS is the reason I love this area of town - how often do you see little shops like THIS anymore?

And a picture of Boardwalk - seriously, the original game store in town. It's HUGE compared to the tiny little shop it was back in the 70s. (And yes, I went there in the 70s, being a gamer girlfriend is NOT a new thing for me.)

It's a shame I didn't think to get the phone out to take pictures as we were walking by Hap's Irish Pub in Hyde Park. I was NOT expecting the bars to be open at 8am! But the men in kilts? I totally told them they'd made my day!
emoticon emoticon emoticon

After the walk, my daughter needed to be at the zoo for volunteer training at 1pm, so I took her to lunch at IHOP (where the first picture above was taken). She managed to ninja a picture of me for a change...these are the moments when I go "Wow, that's ME? I really HAVE lost a ton of weight, haven't I?"

All in all, I couldn't have asked for a better St. Patrick's Day.
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