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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

I had a major meltdown today. I was tired, feeling a little overwhelmed, hormonal, and missing my mom. I got a couple of e-mails about schedules that was just like the straw that broke the camel's back -- it was minor but it just brought tears of frustration. I just was beginning to cry and a friend called (God's providence) and she sensed that something was wrong - so she got an ear full of tears. I haven't had something like this happen in a long time.

Needless to say, I didn't exercise this afternoon like I planned and I went for the chocolate. But I am not beating myself up about it. It is past and I will go on.

I wasn't going to go to Women's Bible Study, but decided to anyway. It was good. We had a good discussion and prayer time.

Part of my frustration, is that I work so hard with exercise and eating right and I am not losing - just staying in a rut. I thought I had broken my plateau a few weeks ago. I did - but I am back on another one and haven't been able to lose since I had that big loss. I think it has to do so much with menopause and after some reading maybe even adrenal fatigue. I am still researching and trying to decide what to do.

Well, it is late and I am tired - time to head for bed.
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    emoticon hope you are feeling better soon
    3169 days ago
    I understand how you feel. It's hard to keep going day after day and not feel you are getting anywhere. I am glad your friend called you.

    emoticon emoticon
    3171 days ago
  • no profile photo CD1315172
    Hugs! I am listening to a broadcast a lady that lost her mom to lung cancer two years ago. It is really good. I'll send you the link by e-mail. Love you! You can do this! Have you read LotusFlower's blog? It is great!
    3171 days ago

    Comment edited on: 3/21/2012 2:37:44 PM
    I'm sorry for the tears! Glad for your friend and that you decided to go to the Bible Study. Dealing with plateaus is so hard and especialy hard if there may be something medical holding you back. Will be praying you can figure this out and get over that hill!
    3171 days ago
  • NAB_85
    emoticon !!!!!! I'm happy you aren't beating yourself up about indulging. It's okay in moderation! And I can totally relate to the frustration of plateaus. I've been the same weight for almost 4 months! Just hang in there and you will see results. But don't fret about breaking down, it happens to the best of us. It's definitely good for the soul every now and again :) :)
    3171 days ago
    I hear from good sources (Dr Oz and others) that having an occasional binge may be just what our systems need to shake up our metabolism into action . . . just as variable levels of exercise. You're smart to let it go and move on. We should all be that smart. When God forgives a repentant heart, we have to learn how to better accept it and move on. What incredible forgiveness and grace we receive.
    3172 days ago
  • no profile photo CD5826188
    emoticon today is a new day. Keep pushing for it, these plateau's are a pain but it is better than putting the weight back on and the exercise must be helping you feel fitter and stronger, so focus on those things and not the number on the scale!
    3172 days ago
    Those days come, don't they? Don't beat yourself up, but pick yourself up and move on the next day. God will give you the strength to make it through. Rely on Him. What a blessing that He brought a friend into your life right when you needed it! May you feel His blessing on you today.
    3172 days ago
    Hi friend,
    My prayers for God's peace that passes all understanding are yours today. We are created so beautifully from the inside out, but sometimes it goes haywire. Oh those hormones and lack of sleep! You needed to release those emotions and you honored them by letting them out. I pray that the Lord will give you understanding and wisdom in dealing with the plateau you are in. His mercies are new EVERY DAY!!
    Julia : )
    3172 days ago
    I am so Proud of you!! You took care of YOU and for sure God was/is watching over you and knew you needed help and in what form to send it in--a friend's phone call, chocolate and Bible study! Oh, and the all important SLEEP. Awesome. Plus you reached out to us. See how great you are at self care??

    Keep your chin up dearheart... plateaus CAN be broken. Just look at how far you have come and how healthy you are now.
    Maybe you can just enjoy BEING for a bit? emoticon
    3172 days ago
  • no profile photo CD4592528
    Sending hugs your way, Carrie. Lord, I pray that you will encourage Carrie today, and give her insight into what steps she can be taking to reach her goals. I pray for a good night's rest with deep REM sleep tonight and for many nights ahead. Lift her up, Lord, and don't allow her to be tempted beyond what she can bear. show her the way of escape you provide and help her to choose that escape! Be glorified in my friend's life, Lord! I ask in Jesus Name, the Name Above All Names! Amen.
    3172 days ago
    Hi---I've read all the posts so far and really, these are all great posts! I hope you read them over and over! You are struggling with loss...totally understandable-Your mom is still with your heart and in your memories. Meltdown-this one is over and you're moving on! You know why because you're strong enough to let it go and not let all you've accomplished go to the are a couple articles that you may or may not have read-Hopefully they'll be helpful. Stay Strong for YOU!

    3172 days ago
  • no profile photo CD10259955
    So sorry to hear about this rough patch! I saw the "missing my Mom" and my eyes teared up - I totally understand! emoticon

    I can also identify with the plateaus and the menopause - a good night's sleep would do me a world of good, but menopause has other plans for me! I just try to keep going, but this just stinks!!! And then my BH decides to get fit, and after a couple of months of eating better and doing light (and I mean light!!) workouts, he drops all the weight needed (and I'm five years into it and still not at my goal weight???). Whoever said "life isn't fair" certainly had it right!! emoticon

    So glad that God sent you a friendly phone call at just the right time!!! And remember we are always here for you as well!!! Hope today is much better for you!!!!
    3172 days ago

    Comment edited on: 3/20/2012 6:51:25 AM
    Your perserverance is an encouragement to me. The release of the emotions will surely fuel the desire to meet your goals.
    3172 days ago
    I am so sorry you had such a frustrating day. The good news is that it is over, and you are ready to put it behind you and move on. God knows you deserve to have a better day tomorrow! Try not to give too much power to the scale. You ARE doing all the right things in terms of eating and exercising, and your body just needs time to adjust to the changes. Don't doubt yourself. Focus on switching up the things you eat (more protein, less carbs perhaps), try a new recipe, eat at the higher range of your calories for a day or two, and then at the lower range for a day or two. Eventually something will click, and then you and your scale will be back on speaking terms. Not to worry!
    3172 days ago
    Not fully knowing you or your situation, I'm not going to say I know how you feel. Sounds like today was a breaking point for you and tears are healing. Sometimes with everything we are trying to do, we stress out and then something (usually little) breaks the wall we have held around ourselves (just to keep it together). Sounds like you have a lot on your plate and you needed a release! God does put people there for us like he had your friend call when you needed her too. He is great! And who knows, now that you have had the release, maybe that is what was needed to break the plateau, possibly stress was keeping you from the results, among other things. Stress is bad for our system and it might have been blocking your body from losing. I'm just guessing and since I don't know everything, that is all this is but I know that stress can push our bodies into reverse almost. Keep your head up and keep working towards your goals, you will see results. (and now, after I have said all this "wisdom", I need to listen to it myself! :) Good luck! emoticon
    3172 days ago
    I hear you and totally understand. Sending prayers and a little reminder that is helping me Carrie there is success beyond the scale i want you to list everything that you ahve done this past year to get you where you are at. I want you to see what you have done this year i see the transformation. Since i met you have lost quite a bit of weight i don't know the exact amount your body has lost inches, you have toned your body and your hot mama ;) you have opened up and you inspire people you have percievence and you encourage and support others. you have opened up like a butterfly! there is more then a number and i tell you this do not get discourage it will move remember you are exercising fat turns to muscle - it's hard to now and just take the inches, ounces and remember you are an intelligent beautiful caring kind persistent loving daughter, mother, wife and friend.

    follow this link and watch this youtube video for inspiration!!

    Hugs and I so believe in you Carrie never ever ever give up!

    3172 days ago
  • COOLAUNT1961
    I understand the meltdown, and I am glad you had a friend who could listen. God was watching out for you. Things will be better tomorrow. emoticon
    3172 days ago
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