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Monday, March 19, 2012

I think my biggest struggle regarding blogs is the title. So why not put the date? I guess because to me it seems to "boring" FOR ME. I feel like with just the date who will read? I do not write so people read but SOMETIMES there is a blog that it would help if SOMEONE did indeed read, and with the title of the date..who will read it? Eh. Much easier though just putting the date instead of thinking of a title.

I went for a 5 mile run this morning. Felt great! ;) I am 10 lbs heavier then I was last month sadly. Back on track for past 2 days though. It is what it is. I just keep chugging along and never giving up. ONE day I hope to meet my goal and/or STAY at 145 if goal is not possible (I am 165 now but 145 is where I usually get to before I gain a bunch). Tired of the same 20 lbs!

On another note my oldest just turned 5 on St Patty's Day. Wow 5? ::sigh:: time truly does fly by. I SWEAR I just had him!! Now my youngest turns 3 in just ONE WEEK!!! On the 26th. Oh gee!!

Speaking of my youngest...ya know if you read my last blog he is learning to go potty. He wear only pull ups at NIGHT. I had attempted several times previously to potty train him, but felt like I was not ready, neither was he. So it never lasted more then a day. I felt like it is too much work FOR ME, and he fights to much which makes it so much harder. If you have to work THAT hard, he is not ready. I did NOT want to push/pressure him. When he is ready he will let me know. Well I finally had enough and said you know what? I am ready, and I believe he is too. If he is not TOO BAD, this is happening. :) He was probably ready before but he takes on the "lazy" mode, or should I say "I do what I want when I want and there is nothing you can say attitude" mode? LOL Well he poops several times a day and because of that he kept getting bad bad rashes. NO not because I did not change him but because I would indeed change him, and then we would walk out to living room and guess what? He would poop YET AGAIN! Also NO it was not because he was not finished. He was. He just poops alot. I am tired of going through so many diapers, and I am tired of him hurting. I was finally ready to take on the "work". Considering I had to do it alone.

Now with that being said it has been now 5 days (today is day 5) and he is doing AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) I have wrote down everytime he has went. I have made notes on accidents, where we were etc etc. He is the SUCCESSES (I am not looking at the NEGATIVE but instead the positive!:
3-15: Half day over. This is when we started I did not make note then.
3-16: 10/14 71%
3-17: 16/19 84%
3-18: 12/12 100%
3-19: working on it ;)

I do not count his pull up being wet because that is from overnight. He has been TELLING me often now instead of me asking him (I use timer too). Anywho there will be :-P I noticed on 3-17 when he peed I think he was scared. 2 times he went in his underwear there was a HUGE dinosaur that was roaring (1 when we went out to museum and 1 on tv).

On another note I notice when I go from eating badly to eating good I get a punding headache! Man it hurts and sucks to run with that!.

Well that's about all folks!

P.S. I also wanted to add. If you are a mother you will understand is the GREATEST feeling to know your child is learning something because of YOU. Not because anyone else, but because YOU have taken the time, the energy, and the unconditional love to teach them something. Usually something someone else won't. Makes your heart scream with pride!
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