Unofficial Weigh In: Argh

Saturday, March 17, 2012

I ate 500 extra calories today. Yesterday I went on a date and managed to stay within my limit (I may have been over a bit). I've been doing so well, and enjoying the process, and then I decided to eat too much. I know why. Will this knowledge help me to succeed?

I ate too much because I lost faith in my plan for just long enough to consume 2000 calories. My starting weight of 209 is a few weeks old, and may not have been accurate. I took it at the end of the day while fully clothed. Today, having eaten the right amount of calories and worked out for a full week, I stepped on the scale (that I now have in my home) to find that I am 205. Granted, I stepped on the scale after lunch, but still--I know that I cannot attribute the 5 pounds that I was hoping not to see to breakfast and lunch. No, it isn't reasonable for me to have expected to lose 10 pounds in a week, and I didn't, really. I expected 209 to have been wrong--I think I'd convinced myself that the original scale (not the one I used today) was 5 pounds off, and I think that is why 205 feels like no loss at all. Ugh. Too much eating!

I am so impatient about weight loss. I know I shouldn't be. I don't think I'll genuinely become less impatient, but I will better manage my impatience. One pound a week is frustrating right now, but it adds up, so I will be grateful for each pound lost (especially as I see lower numbers and a healthier me).

I have been feeling really healthy during the past week, and I think that had a lot to do with the fact that I was eating 1200-ish calories. This week: I will make sure to do cardio AND strength training.

Oh--the other thing. I've felt like I am more fit. And less fit. I feel that I look, well, more trim, I suppose, but I am realizing how far I have to go. This was especially clear when I did the belly dancing workout video--it was much harder this time than when I first used it years ago.

Patience. Drive. Understanding. Accountability.
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    Thanks, WINSLOWGIRLS3, J0ETTE, and BOURBONIAN. You're right--I can do this! Thank you for the support! BOURBONIAN--great advice--I'll make it one of my goals this week to take my measurements, and I'll try to be patient when the scale doesn't move in the direction I want it to.

    I hope today is a lovely day for all of us!
    2591 days ago
    Patience is probably the HARDEST thing for me right now. From experience, even when doing everything right, you may have weeks when you don't lose anything. If you haven't already, try and do measurements with a tape measure. Over the long term this will give you another thing to look at, aside from the scale. As you said, those 1 pound losses will add up over time. You can do it!
    2591 days ago
  • J0ETTE
    You can do this. A big part of the journey is learning. Watching what you do, how you feel... Using that knowledge for tomorrow.... It's all part of the process. Baby steps... Don't try to change everything overnight.

    Weight yourself in the morning. ;) before you have eaten. Look at the success! You are 4-5 pounds lighter than you were! :) huge success...
    2591 days ago
    Don't let it get to you! You are doing great and one day of ever eating isn't a big deal. Just pick yourself back up and start all over tomorrow! That's the beauty of tomorrow. Good luck!
    2591 days ago
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