Perinatologist Update!!

Friday, March 16, 2012

Ken and I have been super busy the past couple weeks. The busyness is schedule to continue at least through the second week of April, which thinking about is exhausting, however, I am actually really looking forward to it.

I'm going to rewind a bit and go back to our perinatologist appointment on March 2nd. I was very nervous going into the appointment. I wasn't nervous about anything being wrong with me or getting any terrible news. I was mostly nervous that I wouldn't be classified as high risk or at least at a high enough risk to receive exclusive care from a perinatologist. I want that peace of mind. I want the best doctors in the area to be familiar with me and my baby. Ultimately, I want Dr. Bonebrake to be my doctor. He is what made what happened to us in our last pregnancy bearable and he is the person who put a little seed of hope in my heart.

They took my blood pressure and then asked me to hop on the scale. My weight came up and then the nurse realized she forgot to get my BMI from the scale. So she apologized and said, "I'm sorry. Please step back on the scale. I know how much women hate to see their weight, so I apologize." I laughed and told her that I had lost almost 100 pounds so I LOVE seeing my weight :) She was so surprised and started to congratulate me. She put my height into the scale and it said my BMI was 29. She started to write it down and I exclaimed, "That's not right! My BMI is 23.9." She started to argue with me and I told her that she must have put in the wrong height. Sure enough she had accidentally put my height as 5'0" instead of 5'5". I started to apologize and she told me that she completely understood because she too had lost almost 100 pounds. She couldn't believe how fast I lost it and told me it was the best thing I could have done for our future children.

We then were taken to Dr. Bonebrake's office. He had an emergency appointment so we had a bit of a wait but it wasn't too bad. He came in and all of my nervousness just went away. He is so incredibly nice. He made small talk, we went through the details of what happened last time and got down to business. He asked if my health had changed since the previous pregnancy. I told him about my weight loss and his jaw dropped. He asked how I did it and when I told him I used SparkPeople to track my calories and exercise he said, "So no pills or anything? You did it the right way and have had that much success? By yourself? No trainer or anything?" He was super impressed and excited for me. He kept telling me how awesome I am and how proud he is of me. My husband was grinning from ear to ear :)

Dr. Bonebrake asked if I had an OB in mind for my care and also asked if I wanted the midwives to be involved. I told him I didn't know an OB and our midwife told us we were too much of a risk for her to be in charge of our care. He then said that if we were okay with it, he would like us to receive full perinatology care for our next pregnancy. I almost jumped out of my seat because the nurse had told us we would probably be a co-management case with a regular OB doing most of our care. I was beyond excited. Dr. Bonebrake explained that our preterm delivery happened at a time that is very rare. Typically it happens earlier as a miscarriage or a few weeks later and he felt that we were the perfect candidates for full perinatology. I thanked him and told him that his care would give me a lot of peace of mind. He told me that was exactly what I need and to be relaxed during the pregnancy.

We then went on to discuss what our plan will be for the next pregnancy. He wants us to wait 2 cycles after my birth control ended (last week) so my body can get back to its normal cycles. We will start trying in May! Once we get pregnant, we will have an appointment with our midwife, Cece, so she can formally refer us to Dr. Bonebrake. He wants to see us at 8 weeks to get an ultrasound. We will have appointments more frequently than other pregnancies. He will also probably do a vaginal ultrasound at each appointment. At 16 weeks I will start getting a weekly injection of p17 through 36 weeks. Ken will administer them at home. At 24 weeks they will likely perform the fFN test to to help predict my risk of premature delivery. If the test comes back negative, you are very unlikely to go into labor for 2 weeks. If it comes back positive, he can take preventative measures to help ensure that I don't actually go into labor.

He gave me so much assurance and hope. He was very real with the statistics (I am at a 30% risk of premature delivery BUT the p17 shots lower my risk to 15%) and was sure to be completely honest with us. Can he guarantee us that this won't happen again? Of course not. Only God knows what His plan is, however, he will do everything in his power to prevent it from happening. I go into this with a heart full of hope but still a little scared. I know I have to put my trust in the Lord and lean on Him. The hardest part right now is just waiting to start trying to conceive! I am so thankful that we are so busy the next 4 weeks. It will make time fly :)
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