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The journey has not gotten easier, the habits have just gotten more ingrained.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Where has this month run off to?? I can't believe tomorrow is St. Patrick's day already! Oh gawd, its Spring break, Bike week and now St. Pat's day on a Saturday, I don't even want to leave the house tomorrow!! Its been so crazy here, I think everyone came to Florida this week on vacation. I don't even want to walk outside, my peaceful sidewalks look like lunch hour in New York City, there are people everywhere.

I've been busy with my bookstore, had a fantastic meeting with my new Councillor on Tuesday. My wonderful software guy, Jim at Anthology, is doing the paperwork to become a vendor so I can order ALL my POS computer hardware & software from him. Its about 8K so I guess its worth it but its still a hassle and I appreciate his efforts!

I'm going to get a check for my LLC to get that started. I'm finally moving forward! My new Councillor knows what she's doing!

I also purchased like 5 new IP address's for the Foundation. Go Daddy was running a special! I love the new address, I hated cnsvfinc.org, and am glad we lost it. The new one, cnsvfoundation.org is SO much better! As I was setting up the domains and forwarding them, and setting up email, I was remember how difficult it used to be back in the 90's, everything is so much easier nowadays!

So I've been doing a load of computer stuff, bookstore stuff & Foundation stuff, a very productive week!

I was reading a blog this morning, the woman was writing about the scale dipping below 200, a wonderful milestone!

I have been thinking about where I am now in terms of losing the last 40 pounds and while I'm not having life changing episodes that I can point to, I kind of feel like the Turtle, just plodding along getting closer to my goal. It's not that the journey has gotten easier, it's the habits have just gotten more ingrained.

I'm looking at food totally differently. I look at it as fuel, good fuel, bad fuel and what will it do for my body. There are no foods excluded from my eating, if I eat a burger at McDonald's or a slice or two of pizza, its fine, these are fuels that are higher in fat so they are, as Cookie monster says "A sometimes food".

My every day eating is really great. I opened the fridge the other day and thought "Wow this is the fridge of a healthy person!"

There is a case of water, 2 V8 drinks, Greek yogurts, chicken burgers, eggs, whole wheat bread, a drawer full of Romanian & red lettuce, cucumbers, cherry tomatoes, spring mix of something leafy, baby carrots, about 6 different mustard's, low fat dressings, low fat mayo, Almond Milk, gawd is that stuff great!. The freezer is the same, more chicken burgers, bags of veggies, single serve 3.6 oz Hagen Das ice creams, hey they have very good ingredients, great source of dairy! LOL
The pantry is the same, healthy cereals, lots of beans, more veggies, pasta, lots of oatmeal and Kashi stuff, popcorn. The only "bad" food is the ice cream and at least its healthy ice cream, not full of chemicals & fillers I can pronounce all 4 ingredients LOL

I am part of a private group my niece started on Facebook, of woman, mostly 20's, low 30's and me and my cousins wife are in our 40's, we're like the old ladies LOL
We are all doing different eating plans, we just try to motivate each other, do weekly weigh in-s and measurements. I have to control myself when I hear things like " I gained .06 oz this week" I have to get back on track" "I ate out, I ruined my diet" "this week I'm only eating salad for lunch"
I try to point out that they have to find a balance they have to find things that they like that they can do ALL the time, not just while "dieting" that it has to become a lifestyle or they will be cycling pounds on and off forever.

I remember when I first started SP I read a blog of a woman who had lost like 100 pounds in under a year. She was saying how she wished she had done it slower so she could have enjoyed the journey more, savored the small victories. I, of course, thought she was nuts at the time. But now I get it. I am losing slowly. I have time to notice my ever decreasing waist line. When I lay in bed with my mini-notebook propped up on my knees, my stomach no longer blocks the touch pad, that roll of fat is no longer there to keep the laptop in place LOL
My shirt sleeves are so much looser on my tee-shirts. My newish size 12 petite jeans are so comfortable, and the waist is getting loser. The fat roll of my stomach is shrinking, its a tiny roll now, I look good in my underwear! It is so amazing that my body is shrinking due to walking and eating good!
I notice these tiny changes, they make me happy. I am happy I'm looking better. But I'm even happier I've found the balance that makes me healthy, that works with my lifestyle, that is my lifestyle.

I may not be losing 3 or 4 pounds a week, it might take me another year to reach my goal weight but I am living healthy and happy, not miserable and deprived. I don't feel this crazy urgency to be at goal weight right this very second. I'm getting there, I will get there and I will stay there because the life style that got me to goal will be my lifestyle, I won't be done, I won't be released from diet prison, I'll just be me living my life with a healthier body, and I'll look good doing it LOL!

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    I can tell you are happy with the place you are in this evolution. I think that makes it easier in the long run. emoticon
    2222 days ago
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