My serious car accident (I could have died)

Thursday, March 15, 2012

For the SP friends who know me, my life has faced a lot of challenges and adversity. Every time I fall (or get knocked) down, I dust myself off and get right back up. I am bound and determined to keep on going. Nothing is going to stop me.

Yesterday afternoon, something almost stopped me....for good.

It was just another ordinary day. I got up, brought my son to school, got ready for the day. My friend invited my over to her house. So, after running errands, I took a drive over to her place. She lives about 20 minutes or so from me. It's a road I don't like driving but since she moved, I have gotten used to that drive.

I got to her house & we chatted, laughed, and visited. We sat outside and enjoyed the sunshine. I did some writing & she did some drawing. It was just a great relaxing day. It got to be about 3pm & I decided to leave before her son got home from school (he loves to play with my son, so it's a bummer for him to see me without my son.)

As I was driving home I thought of where I would run. I thought of a perfect trail on the way & that would be my next destination....too bad I didn't make it that far. I came around a corner where the 1 lane on my side of the road becomes two lanes for passing then merges back. I passed a car. There were 2 cop cars ahead and a tow truck. I looked over my shoulder to make sure my lane was clear. Then, suddenly there was a vehicle & I was smashing into it at 45-55mph. I don't know what happened. It was just there and stopped suddenly. That's the crazy thing about accidents I guess.

Things happened so fast. SMASH. Then it seemed so slow. The impact made my glasses fly off my face. My soda can flew from the cup holder to the windshield and exploded everywhere. Every single thing from my back seat flew into the front. Then.....I am just sitting there shocked and dazed.

I find myself in my mind analyzing & scanning my body. My right knee and ankle hurt. Wow my chest really hurts. My neck is sore. Soon a first responder comes to hold my neck stable. I wait.....the ambulance is on it's way. The fire truck comes. They hoist the battery out of my car. Finally the ambulance comes.

I get rushed to the nearest hospital....

They bring me in and 4 nurses and a doctor are hovering over me. I get an IV and a blood draw at the same time. Then vitals and the doc wants to look at this and was insane. They cut ALL my clothes off with scissors.

Then, I wait. They order a neck, chest, abdominal, and pelvic CT scan. Plus xrays of my right knee and femur. The xrays were miserable and painful.

I waited uncomfortable for results. Stuck in the c collar. This is what my car looks like after......

It's totaled (obviously). I have a guardian angel. I am a very lucky woman. I managed to walk away. I have a sprained knee and some good bruises here and there. I also have a very sore chest where the seatbelt held me in place. Of course whiplash. That's it though. Amazing. Simply amazing.

So, I am thankful to be alive, thankful I was not seriously injured. I am so grateful my son was not riding with me. I will not take a moment of my life for granted. Yesterday, it could have ended.
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