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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

I'm already feeling the effects of this week. So sleepy! I wanted to go to bed extra early tonight, but I forgot that I had a meeting. I won't be getting to bed too late, but since I have to be up by 5 the earlier the better. I also try to wake up for a moment or two to make sure the hubs makes it up and out the door for work. His new schedule is an adjustment for both of us, but we already feel less pinched in the pocketbook.

I dug up one of my favorite meal plans over the weekend. I will for sure follow it this week, and if I can follow it for the full three weeks I think I will treat myself to something. I don't know what, yet. Maybe a new nail polish? Anyhow, the plan is from Oxygen magazine and is a 21 day plan. It's designed to get over plateaus, get off those last few pounds, or to get reset on the right path. It's worked wonders for me in the past. I've found that when I have everything at hand and planned out to the details I do so much better. I went grocery shopping, and there was a great sale on fish (the only meat I can eat). Salmon or Tilapia, pre-marinated, $9.99 for 40oz. Plus, they are separated inside the package, so I can thaw them out one at a time as I need. Less than $1 a serving for lean protein? Yes please! Plus, with them pre-marinated, I just throw them on my Foreman grill and they are done in a few minutes. I'm not crazy about cooking, so every little bit helps! This plan also ensures I am eating more fruits and veggies. It's low cal, but it is so much food! It's broken up into 6 meals, but I consider them 3 meals and 3 snacks. Today, I didn't eat everything on the plan because I just wasn't hungry enough. I am going to try harder tomorrow to eat everything on the plan tomorrow so I get enough calories. Yesterday, my first day, I fell victim to my nacho craving. Since I made them at home with baked chips and low fat cheese, they were delicious and kept me within my calories. However, I have every single thing I need right at hand, so I won't fall victim again!

The weather is glorious for running in these parts. Still using the end of the race tactic to get me through these wee runs. I am behind my original goal by just a bit, from slacking some in the early days of the year. I still will be fine for all my race goals, but I can't let anything get in my way! Soon I will be ramping up to do 6 miles in one shot, then ten. My goal is to be able to run 10 miles solid by September.

Still getting used to running around my new 'hood. I love it, but I had my routes and everything in the old 'hood. Once I get to longer distances, I will be using that old path. For now, I am just booking around here. The parks all still have their twinkle lights up, so running at night is a treat. There are always lots of folks out, and it makes for some good people watching. The punks smoking outside the rock club. All the dog walkers in one park. Peeps waiting for the bus at a really busy stop. People coming from (or going to) hockey games and concerts. Couples on romantic dates at one of the fine restaurants. It's pretty awesome. I also love running around one of the parks, knowing it used to be really scary. When I moved to the state, it was infamous for people getting raped and mugged. The tall buildings on every side installed flood lights to illuminate the space. The city re-landscaped to make the park more open. However, now it is safe as can be. There are residences (nice ones) all around. There are restaurants and bars all around. It's one of the most popular places to walk your dog. In the summer there are food trucks all around, and free concerts every week. It's amazing how an area can be revitalized in a relatively short time. It makes me really happy.
So, there I am! Tomorrow, another day of running around work and a schedule run around the 'hood. I want to hit the hay extra early. Oh, and I earned SEVEN points today. I know that's not the most possible...but it's more than usual! It's more than yesterday! (four points) What do you think? Think I can hit EIGHT tomorrow? I'm shooting for it!!
Happy Tuesday! We're almost halfway through the week!
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  • 4CYNDI
    Sounds like you have a great plan going! WooHoo! Hope the new diet works wonders and gets you over the slump. Great job with the running!
    3109 days ago
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