My daughter impresses me and I'm bragging!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

My 26 year old daughter, Laura, is a gal who is gifted in many ways. She teaches voice and piano at a private school in St. Louis. She is very much a "do-it-yourselfer" (making their laundry/hand soap, deodarent, (sp?) dog treats, cheez-its, yogurt, gardening, etc.) is a faithful friend and has a delightful, positive sense of humor.

One thing that is not her strength is athletics. Team sports that include balls aren't her thing. She was a band geek/drama/academic student in school.

However, she took up running while she was in college and that is something that she continues to do! She has completed a marathon, a few half-marathons and now she has a half-marathon trail run under her belt.

Laura tackled "The Quivering Quads" 13.1 trail run near St. Louis this past Sunday and completed the whole thing. It was much hillier than she anticipated and the mind games started on her. However, she has the tenacity to go forward and she was thrilled with her time. Not as fast as her regular road race time, but it met her goal for this event. She did pull a "me" and got sick about 30 minutes after she was done however! That's my girl!

I love celebrating people's accomplishments in life, even if it's something they may feel is not worth celebrating. Life is worth celebrating! Let's cheer each other on! I know I'm cheering my daughter and son! We do need to find the good and positive in each other.

Cheering YOU on friends!
Julia : )
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