When Big Girls Run (a tale of recent inspiration)

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

I have been working out and working out hard now for nearly three months and I wasn't exactly lazy before that, but lately I have been a bit shaken up with exercise and looking for a challenge. I figured I am way too fat to try running so I kind of nixed that idea, especially since I would have to run outside (as I won't have access to a treadmill till June) and that would be humiliating *imagines all the fat just bouncing around*. Then one day driving home, we drove past an area that is pretty well frequented by runners, so I am accustomed to seeing all the trim athletic types bounding along like gravity doesn't exist, but today something caught my eye. There was a young woman (probably mid twenties if I were to venture a guess) running along the sidewalk and she wasn't tiny, in fact, she looked about my size, and yes there was some fat bouncing up and down, but you know what...she looked freakin awesome! I don't know how to explain it, she just looked amazing; her stride was gorgeous, she looked so strong, and even with that fat bouncing, dang, that girl looked like an athlete! Her size didn't matter, chick was a runner and there was no denying it!

That was when inspiration struck, I decided maybe I am ready to take on the challenge that has always petrified me: running. I am going to start slow (using the 5k Your Way Spark program) and actually following the specific directions and sticking to it, rather than trying to do too much too fast and fizzling out.

In the past I have always used my bum knee as an excuse to avoid running, but I now know that my legs have gotten a lot stronger and they can take a lot more than I give them credit. Injuries have almost always come from doing too much too fast, instead of allowing myself the time to build up. I am also shifting my focus more from cardio to strength for a while, so I am going to make sure and put some extra work into making and keeping my legs strong.

In other news, my eating has been a bit shaky, I have been struggling again with binges, but I know it is stress and falling back on old coping mechanisms. My Mom and I are actually planning on working together on our eating, which is exciting, I would love for both of us to lose weight and be rocking the fit and healthy look together!

Ok, time to go pick up my brother and then hit pavement.

Have a peaceful and happy NCIS...errr...I mean Tuesday night!!
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    I've been thinking of trying to run again. Last May I moved to a new area of town- one with alot of tiny little pretty runners. On one hand it makes me want to run, but on the other... it intimidates me. But i'm thinking about it more and more every day :)
    I also have been falling back into binging as a coping mechanism. I know I need to exercise, as that lowers my stress level so wonderfully!
    2584 days ago
  • CRISSA1669
    Oh sweetie...this post is right up my alley...I started C25K at well over 200 pounds...1st time=treadmill, got through 7 weeks...2nd time=treadmill got through about 3-4 weeks too hot in my Texas garage..then 3rd time I started at 220 and I did this one outside...I have had a fear of running outside thinking the same thing you said in your blog, so I never did it...but I had read someone's blog here on Spark and she ran a 5k...NONSTOP and she was 250 pounds...that was enough to help me throw my fears to the wind....and my husband was willing to run with me(retired Marine, could run 3 miles on one foot and backwards, lol)...but let me tell I ran outside and as I got into it doing each interval...I didn't even pay attention to anyone in front of me, in back of me or along side of was a NON-ISSUE!! Please don't be like me...and let this fear stop now I've graduated from the C25K program and guess what, I'm training for a 10K...I can now run about 48 minutes straight!!! And that was from doing run/walk intervals of 1min/2min...YOU CAN DO DO IT!! I'll be rooting for you!!
    2591 days ago
    You are going to do great! I finished the Couch to 5K program at 300 lbs and loved every minute of it! So, if you ever feel like you're too fat to run, just think of me running and you'll be okay. :P But seriously, that's awesome that you are trying something new!
    2591 days ago
    You are ready! You totally can do it.
    Hey if I can you can...also I too was embarrassed of working out outside because I didn't want no one watching soooo I went eary in the morning or late at night whrn everyone is inside...I still do.
    P.s I think it's great that you and your mom are going to be getting healthy together. It's always great to have that added support... I wish my mom could join me, but that's not happening

    2591 days ago
    I say do it... Don't let your weight hold you back from trying something new. As a bigger runner myself I can prove that it can be done. I started out running on the track and worked my way up to running a half marathon. I now run between 9-10 minute miles and I am running with those skinny runners. Don't let the fat hold you back! You can do it!
    2592 days ago
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