One Year On Maintenance!!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Today, March 13, is my one year on maintenance anniversary! Wow. I mean, really, wow! It does not seem possible....I am attaching two pictures, taken almost 2.5 yrs apart at about the same place at Disney's Animal Kingdom in Florida. The second one was taken last week....I think it is crazy that I have on the SAME color shirt!! Not the same shirt, but the same color...

The teenie-tiny young woman who cuts my hair recently said something about keeping my weight off like, "it is really easy for you now, I'll bet" - I assured her that no, it was always a battle but I was just winning more often. I wanted to scream at her loudly something insane like, "What do you know!! You probably have never weighed 100 lbs soaking wet!!" But I restrained myself because she is really a sweetie...and she is armed with sharp scissors.

I have learned a few things about myself and maintenance:

Exercise, exercise, exercise....don't love it, but have to do it....sometimes enjoy it more than others...5-6 days a week for me.

Portions are REALLY important....I cannot and never could eat as much as my husband, although sometimes I think I tried....sigh...

I can still eat somewhat like the "real world" eats, just not as much and I have even gotten to where I prefer broccoli over french fries. Pizza (okay, I prefer veggie) is not forbidden, just much less and not more than once...okay, twice maybe a month. I carry my skinny flat ww bun with me to have a hamburger out once a week, but that may be my only beef that week....we eat alot of chicken and fish.

It seems like I am learning about myself on a daily basis and I turned 64 last Saturday!!! Guess we should never stop that learning stuff!! We got home from a week in Florida this weekend and both lost two pounds each....just by being careful, making the right decisions, and of course, walking our feet completely off!!!!

I have said this before to you, my SparkFriends.....If I can do this, YOU can...look how long it took to get through MY thick head - YOU CAN DO IT, TOO!!

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