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Monday, March 12, 2012


I wasn't sure how things were going to go, since I knew I HAD to get up super early today in order to pick up the AHA Heart Mini packets for the Sparkpeople of Cincinnati team before the Heart Association closed at 4:30 PM (tomorrow is the very last day to pick up team boxes, I wasn't able to get it last week since I was so sick). And I wasn't having a lot of success getting to sleep when I first got home. I probably managed about 5 hours before the alarm went off, and though I groaned I didn't really feel all that bad. 'Yote and I had already discussed that I was going to wait and see how I felt before I made any decisions about going to the gym tonight. Happily, I felt pretty good getting up, so I donned my work out clothes and headed out on errands. As it turned out my daughter texted me just as I was heading back towards home to see how I was feeling, so I called her and then headed to their place - handed over the packets to my crew (the red-heads are less than thrilled with the red t-shirts, but *I* think they're pretty cool), and then KITTYWULF and I headed to the gym.

We decided to keep things light tonight for a couple of reasons - first of all, it was my first day back to the gym after feeling like I was gonna die on Friday, and I didn't want to push too hard. Also, with my errands we were getting a late start and I had to be home to get ready for work...AND my daughter needed to stop by her work on the way home to get her schedule for the week. So we decided to just knock out 30 minutes on the elliptical and call it a day.

And it FELT SO GOOD to be back in the saddle again! Seriously, I could have kept going. Which is EXACTLY how I wanted to feel after working out tonight - I needed the morale boost. It didn't hurt that I figured out the math and between the 13 miles we'll be doing on Saturday and the 5K for the Heartwalk on Sunday, we'll do a total of 16 miles this weekend. Even broken up, that makes me feel better about having missed last Saturday.

Oh, speaking of which...they took a group picture. We're not in it of course, but you can see all the fabulous people we've been walking with the last couple of months.

In the "not so great news" category, between the work stress/transition over the past few weeks (resulting in the fact the Heartwalk totally snuck up on me) and being sick last week, I wasn't able to coordinate any kind of Spark Rally for Saturday. I'd reserved a room at the Oakley Library already, but hadn't ordered any goodies nor was I in any shape to try and coordinate anything with the Sparkpeople offices to see if anyone would be able to show -and at this late date there's just no time to pull anything together. Not without stressing about it, and I've got enough of that going on elsewhere. So I'm going to just coordinate with the actual team members to get them their packets and call it good.
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