Just How Big is the Love of God?

Monday, March 12, 2012

I told my DD this story about eternity, because eternity is such a big concept to fathom...if you have a rope that is a mile long, really any length that you imagine, and you take a ball point pen and you draw a line around that rope. That ball point pen line is your life on the rope of eternity. One ball point pen width in a whole rope!!!!

So, DD was at Winter Retreat this weekend, she told the counselor that story. A while later the counselor came back to DD and said, "Hey, remember your rope? And remember your ball point pen line around the rope? Well, God loves you as long as the rope and He wants you to wrap yourself in that rope. The ball point pen line is how much you can love God if you love Him with ALL of your being, ALL that you have."

Wow, huh?
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