So Here's MY Plan

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Okay, so here's my plan to break out from this frustrating plateau that has been created by my entry into a new comfort zone. I am not “going back to basics” because I feel like what I really need is to turn this up a notch, not dial back to the beginning – I need to test myself to figure out where I go from here.


> Discipline – log my food, weigh/measure portions. Things were working well when I was consistent with this. My food scale has been put out on the counter again.

> I am going to reduce my carbs significantly – no bread, potatoes, cereal, pasta, muffins. NO cereal for breakfast! I am a carb addict and could live off bagels and cereal. Honestly.

> Eat clean – more fruits, veggies, quality meat... seems pretty basic actually.

> NO more pop, even diet. Made a promise to my son, and I'm going to stick to it.

> Eat a different meal than my family sometimes, if I need to.


> Quite simply: BRING IT!!!!!! Leave the gym exhausted! Push hard! No excuses!

>Strength training – is now a must, if I'm exercising – then S/T is part of it! No more putting this off!

> Try this new HIIT routine that Cassie found.

> I am going to become limited to time spent actually in the gym, so my plan here is to workout at home – I've got everything I need to succeed – DVD's, weights, yoga mat, jump rope, my kids encouragement. And the KNOW-HOW! Where there's a will there's a way.

> New playlist! Started building a new one today, and moved my music to my new phone finally as the old one was crashing halfway through a workout.


> Yoga, this always helps me feel grounded. I will not be counting this as my workout though.

> SPARK – I need to spark daily! Pick up with the QOTD for Project: Make Yourself, and participate with the Crimson Butterflies. This will be easy to do on the evenings my hubby is at work! :)

>Plan ahead – use Saturday to plan for the week ahead (meals/exercise), and do groceries on Sunday.

> Continue taking my Vitamin B supplement – I have felt a difference in my mood and clarity since starting this.

> Less mind-numbing time in front of a screen (Pinterest, Facebook, tv)

>Weigh-in every morning and just jot in my notebook; this helps me stay focused.

The changes that I need to make will be over the course of a few weeks. I'm going to be realistic about that. And eventually it is my plan to do a juice fast – length of this is yet to be determined.

So my goal is to break this plateau - I've been hovering right around 186-188 for far too long now! Enough is enough. I am going to find my way out of the 180's by the end of April - that's only 6-8lbs in just over 7 weeks. This is enough time for my plan above to be implemented and for me to be seeing results again.

Here it goes!

* Just for the record, today has been a successful day! Woot!
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