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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Since I have not blogged in over a month per say, I wanted to update what is going on. A friend of mine is on The tv show The Biggest Loser. My brother in law just had a birthday, and I am about to push myself to get out and mow the beautiful lush lawn for the first time this year, which breaks my heart because it looks so beautiful and full of life, not bothering anybody, just too tall for "the accepted norm."

Mowing the lawn used to be my number one weight loss tool, honestly. Though much of that is water weight, the loss sticks more so as i replenish hydration, the weight loss effect stays in place. It has been confirmed, however, the number 1 best exercise in the world is actually rebounding, to which i'm already a fan, user, and promoter of. They are mini trampolines and can range from free to 20 bucks(mine) to hundreds maybe even a thousand dollars. Technically you can do it for free anywhere by simply bouncing on your toes and calves, but i recommend the rebounder way more.

I am receiving incredible profound wisdom in simple terms and drilling it into my memory banks and discovering a few new things from it, and wish to share some of it here. So far, I understand organic vegetarian plant based raw food and whole foods to be the single best diet for humans, for a LOT of reasons but let's hear a couple of the top ones from me now. It will bring on world peace and evolve our entire species and restore the planet with problem solving elevated mood conciousness with incredible insights and great health and longevity. Polymaths and the smartest strongest healthiest people in history were all vegetarians.

Law of attraction/magic is real and so is elbow grease, and when combined create incredible things, amplified by ones health.

Books are magical, they make you smarter and increase your intelligence, memory, ability to think critically, boost insight and digestion affects information retention just as nutrient retention. Reading books absolutely works.

Grounding and meditation, stretching and yoga, qi gong and other such things totally work. Reducing stress truly works.

Quality of life starts every single moment, every single day, every single year, every single lifespan, with the first moment of the decision of what goes in as food for ingestion. It is in no way falling short of that. It affects everything, starting with decisions, mood, feelings, which affect the next actions and decisions and you either spiral upward and evolve and improve, or spiral down and degrade and whither. At nearly 34(this coming April) i have learned this to be truth.

On a slightly different shift now, I get some feedback that some folks need more evidence. Not only do my own personal goals reflect more attention to my goal attainment, but i offer the gift of better evidence when i simply "buckle down and do it 'better/harder/faster/more often" etc. Not only will this become an exceptional tool and gift for myself, but also for others, and i acknowledge that at this time.

Liquid nutrition is okay for maintainance, but is more essential during time of healing and weight loss to regain achievement of a superior body and our potential. I therefore strongly recommend usage of juice fasts, juice feasts, replacing some meals with a juice or smoothie or another form of liquid nutrition for its many benefits.

Also spring is coming, listen to your bodies, do what feels right to you, and makes logical sense.

Stay excited for what's in store, stay positive, and by golly have fun,
take care,
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    Excellent blog!
    2215 days ago
    Wonderful blog and a reminder of what's important. I'm starting my juice feast in about 2 weeks time and looking forward to the cleansing, enlightening experience.
    2219 days ago
    Great blog! Thank you for sharing! My husband stays about 10 lbs lighter throughout the Summer (which is most of the year here in Houston) by mowing. He does lose a lot of water weight, like you said, but it's also a great cardio workout for him and it seems to keep his appetite in check.
    2236 days ago
    If you're enjoying your lawn, why do you care what the "accepted norm" is? lol...If I had that lawn, I'd be rolling around in it

    2236 days ago
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