Saturday, March 10, 2012

If you read my previous blog entry, "Try This Simple Plan", you'll see what my goal has been concerning the food I eat.

I had my cholesterol checked in early December, and while it was within the "good" range", for ME it was higher than usual. So I began to do two things: AVOID SWEETS and cut down on starches.

Avoiding sweets was the most difficult and I worked at it the hardest. And succeeded. I haven't had anything that could be called "sweet" in so long that I never even think about it anymore.

I did manage to cut down on starches a little, maybe, by adding lots of raw veggies to my diet, but I still had bread and rice and pasta often.

What I did NOT do is worry about red meat or fat. I ate steak and roast and bar-b-qued pork ribs. I use real butter and sour cream. No margarine, nothing "lite" or low-fat.

I just had another cholesterol test and my TOTAL cholesterol has DROPPED FORTY-SEVEN POINTS! Yes, 47 points. In THREE month's time - Dec 9 to March 9.

My HDL went UP 14 points - HDL UP is good.
My LDL went DOWN 62 points - LDL DOWN is good.
My Triglycerides went DOWN 6 points. My trigs were so low anyway (56 then; 50 now) it really didn't matter.

My conclusion: Yes, it's true. Sugar is Evil, lol. Tastes soooo good, but doesn't do anything good for your body.

If you read some of my blogs from late last year to now, you'll see I've been doing a lot of reading about some cutting edge research and I'm convinced we've been fed some harmful information about fat and starch and sugar. But I'm not trying to push anyone to believe me, I'm just reporting the cold, clinical numbers.

AND, I'm smiling. A lot!


I'll bet no one has ever told you that you need a little more sugar in your diet, hmmm?
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