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Sickness Happens

Saturday, March 10, 2012


When I left work on Wednesday, my stomach was queasy. I figured it was stress (I'd gotten my first "pop quiz" from our newest "OMG Most Important Customer EVAR!" around 7am which, though not nearly as bad as it could have been, left me shaking for a good 20 minutes and required a quick trip to the ladies room to fall apart and then put myself back together again) and even though my daughter had to work late so we'd already planned to skip the group walk that night, I was considering getting up for it anyway because it was such a pretty day. As it turned out, it was good that we'd cancelled, because the queasy turned into whatever 24 hour stomach bug 'Yote had 2 weeks ago (made all the less pleasant because I hadn't eaten much overnight at work, so I spent most of the day munching saltines just to give them back to the porcelain gods every hour on the hour). That and crying on the couch because I was so exhausted and just wanted to sleep. I finally was able to sleep more than an hour at a time starting about 7pm, and got up Thursday morning at 9am feeling back to human.

Or so I thought anyway. I ate very lightly to give my body a break most of Thursday, even when my son and I had our "Mom - Son Date" (we've been scheduling for me to pick him up from work one day every other week, because now that I'm not driving him home every day I'm off I MISS HIM!) I only had soup and a salad. Unfortunately that was enough to get me queasy again - not bad, but enough that the thought of the gym wasn't pleasant, so my daughter and I postponed for yet another day. Felt better enough for "date night" with the mate later that night (thank goodness), but still vaguely shaky.

And then woke up Friday with what I assumed was a hangover (yeah, from just one Bacardi Sangria...I'm turning into a total alcohol lightweight...not complaining actually). Except I just couldn't shake the headache no matter what analgesics I threw at it, it wasn't bad like a migraine or anything but it was enough to throw me off. Actually ended up taking a nap to see if that would help head it off, which meant I was finally able to hit the gym yesterday though I felt slow and weak. I did my 30 minutes on the elliptical but didn't worry too hard about pushing my heart-rate (still had it in my target cardio range for most of the 30 minutes, but when it started slipping the last 10 minutes I let it) and only got in about 6 strength training machines in the time it normally takes me to do my entire circuit. But hey, I did it right? I was utterly exhausted afterwards though, so I called 'Yote as I dropped off my daughter and we decided to let McDonald's feed us because I just wasn't up to cooking. So I ate my Fillet of Fish and medium fries and we moved on to date night (where I intentionally skipped the sangria and opted for a light splash of Irish cream in hot chocolate instead).

And found myself laying in bed with a rock in my stomach around 3am. Where it sat until I gave up and succumbed to the porcelain gods again about half an hour ago.


So I'm sitting up hoping that's the end of it for today, almost afraid to lay down for fear of having my stomach rebel again. I called my daughter and we're skipping the marathon training today. Which was a REALLY tough decision - I'm afraid of how far skipping the 16 miles today might set us back. Next weekend we're doing 13 miles on Saturday with the training group, and then we'll be walking in the AHA Heart Mini and Heartwalk (doing the 5K Heartwalk - not going to push after 13 miles the day before), and the following week we've got 18 miles on the schedule, 18 miles I'll be doing in Atlanta (quite probably on a treadmill, but our friend's gym has a cardio theater which makes that option less odious and probably the smartest choice since I'm unfamiliar with the area and would be walking around Atlanta alone - which just doesn't sound like the brightest idea).

So I think I'm back to suspecting the stress may be the likely culprit here, as this hasn't gone like the normal 24 hour bug.

Whatever it is, I sure wish it would go away already.

Tonight I go in to do my last ever time change at work. Kind of bittersweet, which isn't surprising. I am NOT looking forward to giving the team the news I received yesterday - that though my supervisor and boss were all for the idea of me postponing my end-date by 2 weeks so I could help cover a co-worker's vacation (since the new guys just aren't ready to handle a Sunday night cycle by themselves yet), the boss's boss refused the idea. The same boss's boss who basically undermined the entire team in a meeting last week by saying "What's so hard about the cycles, it's just a few's easy." Yeah, you think that because I've made it LOOK easy for the past 16 years, you mo' fo'. That'll teach me to pull miracles out of my A$$ for THIS company anymore. 16 years of blood, sweat and tears...and "It's easy" Nice.

So that's that - I tried to help, but he'd rather throw the team under the bus. Let HIM come in and handle it then, since it's so easy.

Which means my end date of March 21st stands. And it can't come fast enough.

Okay, the tummy has been relatively stable for about 45 minutes now, so I'm going to try and go back to bed. Hope everybody else is having a far better weekend than mine! (Though I did get to see all my kids, and the tax return hit my hasn't been ALL bad, truly, I just feel crummy).

I apologize to my teams (especially my fellow Gryffindors in the Challenge of Harry Potter) - I just don't have it in me to do much towards points right now.
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  • MSBLT82
    I hope you are feeling completely better soon!
    2599 days ago
    Euphrates, I agree with the others--rest up, give your body some time to recover. It might still be a bug; I had a really nasty stomach bug that hit me about a month ago that took several days to shake, and even then my stomach was a little queasy for a bit after that. Really, really ugly. I also got a pretty nasty headache from that one, too--I'm pretty sure that it was a dehydration headache because I couldn't even keep water down for the first 6 hours or so and even after that my stomach was decidedly unhappy. Of course, I didn't have the brain cells at the time to make the connection, but I asked a friend about it afterward and she suggested drinking Gatorade when I have a nasty stomach bug like that, because if you get sick like that water alone isn't necessarily enough.
    2599 days ago
  • MISSG180
    Hope you are feeling better. I was out of town with no computer, so wildly behind on everything, but wishing you well!
    2599 days ago
    Oh sweetie, I hope you feel better soon! That *whatever it is* doesn't sound fun at all.

    Why am I thinking that the boss's boss won't be able to handle what he thinks is *easy*? It's really sad that he's so divorced from reality that he is willing to leave a bunch of folks hanging out to dry.

    I know of some great places to run outside in Atlanta! My old neighborhood, which is near Emory University and is called Druid Hills was my old running haunting ground. I so recommend it, if you can get there from where you're staying. Really worth the trip.
    2600 days ago
    I hope you are feeling better.. emoticon
    2601 days ago
    I hope you feel better soon.
    2601 days ago
    Get well soon!
    2601 days ago
    Get better. That is the most important thing.
    2601 days ago
    Rest up Euphrates. Your body is telling you that. Hope you feel better and don't worry about the points, just get better.
    2601 days ago
    Sorry you're feeling sick! Hope you get plenty of rest today and feel better soon!
    2601 days ago
    I hate being ill.
    2601 days ago
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